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Relationship status of Darshan Raval revealed!

MUMBAI: Is Darshan Raval single or committed? We are sure you must have had this curiosity, well let's reveal it to you.

Since his debut as a YouTube star today and became a famous and well-known singer in the Indian Bollywood music Industry, numerous fan have been crushing hard for the singer Darshan Raval for years now,

Darshan Raval is a star loved by everyone because of his marvelous melodious voice that makes people go crazy. He called Youtube as his best friend and is indeed very true. It’s the place where he got the platform for his voice recognition changing his whole life career gaining his actual fame, fans, and success

Guess the answer to his relationship status? That everyone has been wanting to know about it, despite Darshan having Million of followers on his social media accounts. It’s a big yes Darshan Raval is single, ladies who have been crushing him over for years can now try to make love with him.