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Review |  01 Oct 2009 16:38 |  By chiragsutar

Best of Poets of The Fall

Artist: Poets Of The Fall

Label: Saregama

Price: Rs 199

Since the band's inception in 2003, Poets Of The Fall have always had a knock down effect on their listeners. Right from the band's first single Late Goodbye written for computer game Max Payne 2 to their last album Revolution Roulette. For those who don't know, the band had performed in India two years back at the IIT Kanpur during the Carnival of Rust-tour(2007). Poets Of The Fall comprises of singer Marko, guitarist Olli and keyboardist Captain.

This compilation album contains some of the bands most popular and power packed songs like Fire, Carnival of Rust, Stay, Illusion, Maybe Tommorrow, Lift and Stay, making it a must have for fans and those who would like to explore their music.
What makes Poets of the fall really a likeable band is that their sound which is energetic yet melodious - something a listener can easily connect to. Through their song Late Goodbye (also listed on the album) the band breaked into the music scene which eventually got them international recognition and the first prize at the G.A.N.G. Awards in 2004.

The story about singer Marko's humble beginnnings are also well known. Apparently, Marko, the singer invested everything in pursuing music with fellow band mates Olli and Captain and set up a studio in their basement for recording and producing sessions. While Olli's beat up old car was their office! The result of those recording sessions shaped up their unique sound.

Best of Poets of the fall captures the band's journey through all these years - with a 'sunny side up'. Now, the question is, why should you pick up this album? Well, its just a collection of great music - back to back.

Track list



3-Carnival of Rust

4-Locking up the Sun

5-The Ultimate Fling

6-Revolution Roulette

7-Diamonds for Tears

8-Late Goodbye


10-Illusion & Dream

11-Maybe tomorrow is a better day

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