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Review |  26 Sep 2009 12:23 |  By chiragsutar

OST Couples Retreat

Music: A R Rahman

Rating 4.5/5

A first peek into the music of Couple's Retreat was revealed by A R Rahman yesterday through this official facebook post. "The music of my first Hollywood comedy is unveiled! What do you think of it?" he wrote. Since then, his post has been abuzz.

Though the album 'Couples Retreat' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack comprises of 15 tracks and is yet to be released officially (physical/ digital downloads), here's a lowdown on some of the appealing tracks from the album.

The music has a world music appeal to it, and most likely, if you understand it or not, you'll still love it. For instance, Sajna (No, it's not a Hindi track!) is a soothing English number with beautiful string sections and a resonating chorus line. This is the main soundtrack of the film and one can hear the core melody of this track throughout out the album.

Another gem is Kuru Kuru Kan (Afro Nisha) which is based on good old reggae music and has Rahman singing in Tamil- it's 'chillax' music, easy and going. The track Nana also treads on the same path, but is a lot more common. The best, however, is Salvadore. In this song, Rahman finds a common thread in Hindustani alaaps and Spanish tap dance music through Kailash Kher's voice – the result is unbelievable.

Among the tracks that instantly hook the listener is Animal Spirits – you might well get transferred to the Caribbean's! while Luau by John O'Brien may throw you in Hawaii thanks to the fun African rhythms, ukulele and slide guitars.

Other tracks (relatively shorter) like Jason and Cynthia Suite, Tour of the Villa's, Meeting Marcel, Itinerary, Sharks, Intervention, The Water Fall, Jason and Cynthia Suite Piano theme are equally interesting melodies and are set to an operatic mood – wait till you watch this on screen.

The album credits Rahman as a producer and composer of the 'OST Couples Retreat'. So, these are not songs to which actors �shake a leg'. Needless to say, 'soundtracks' offer much larger canvas for composers to play with and Rahman has quite likely made the most of this opportunity.

Music of Couples Retreat truly sets Rahman into the International league. The grand international feel and the impeccably playful sound of this film will definitely find a way to a matured listerners heart. For those into shake-a-leg bollywood songs, will have to go for a walk.


'Couples Retreat' will certainly enchant Indians accustomed or open to western music. However, feedback from International listeners will give a larger perspective about the soundtracks popularity. Who knows, Rahman may just cast his second global spell!

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