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Rockfort 2010 - An Evening of Indirock & Metal for Mumbaiets


Rockfort 2010 - An Evening of Indirock & Metal for Mumbaiets.

About the Bands: Bloodshed: is currently working on their first EP that will be release in the fall of 2010.

Bhayanak Maut : is known for its distinctive and in-your-face indi metal.

Devoid : In June 2010 Devoid signed with Demonstealer Records to release their debut album A God's Lie and they promise to deliver a new age of thrash to the Indian metal scene.

Demonic Resurrection : won the 'Global Metal' award at the Metal Hammer Golden God Awards. Metal Hammer is the most prestigious heavy metal magazine based in the UK.DR is signed to one of the biggest record labels for heavy metal called Candlelight Records. Their first album was released worldwide in July 2010 and received rave reviews.