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Eastern Flowers - Jazz Concert in Mumbai


Jazz Concert 'Eastern Flowers' In collaboration with Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan.

Jarry Singla - piano, prepared piano, Indian harmonium, compositions
Ramesh Shotham - ghatam, dholak, kanjira, cajatom, voice (konnakol)
Christian Ramond - double-bass

Eastern Flowers' love the co-existence of the South Indian drum language Konnakol along with European polyphony or the driving rhythms of American Jazz. 'Eastern Flowers' are definitely inspired by alap-passages of North Indian Ragas, they allow themselves excursions into the Ukraine or to Morocco and mix the sounds of Dholak, harmonium, ghatam and kanjira with piano and double bass. 'Eastern Flowers' create fresh, organic original compositions, whose origins disappear into the background.