RnM Team    10 May 10 15:45 IST

MUMBAI: In week 17, Radio Mirchi consolidated its top position in three metroes- Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, making considerable strides while maintaining the second position in Bangalore. Last week's gainer Big FM had a mix bag, losing out in Bangalore and Kolkata but maintaining the pace in Mumbai and Delhi.

Bangalore - Big FM slipped a little losing 0.3 points with a market share of 19.2 per cent but locked its top position. Radio Mirchi maintained a steady second position with a share of 17.3 per cent followed by Fever lost 0.1 points. Radio City which gained momentum last week lost a considerable 0.4 points this week ending with a share of 12.2 per cent. AIR Rainbow FM was fifth in row gaining 0.3 points.

Delhi - Radio Mirchi continued to grow in the capital in week 17 gaining 0.2 points and maintaining a lead with a market of 24.8 per cent. Fever and AIR Rainbow FM maintained status quo at second and third spot respectively with a share of 18.6 per cent and 17.8 per cent followed by Red FM which gained 0.1 points to end with a share of 9.6 per cent. Radio City in the fifth position lost a considerable 0.3 points.

Kolkata - Week 17 looked rosy for Mirchi as it gained 0.4 points maintaining the numero uno position with a market of 20.6 per cent. Big FM lost 0.3 points with a market share of 17.3 per cent followed by Friends which gained 0.1 points and Amar FM which maintaining a steady position at 10.8 per cent market share. At fifth and sixth place came Red and Fever both of which lost 0.2 and 0.5 points respectively ending with a share of 8.1 and 7.4 per cent  

Mumbai - Mirchi surged in the 17 week gaining 0.2 points with a market share of 17.2 per cent followed by Red FM in a steady second position at 14.1 per cent. Radio City saw a downfall losing 0.4 points with a share of 14.1 per cent. Big FM and Air Rainbow shared the same spot with a share of 11.6 per cent followed by Fever which lost 0.1 points. Radio One soared with a gain of 0.2 points with a share of 6.2 per cent.

Click here for the detailed RAM data for week 17 - '10

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