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MJ - This Is It!

Take your seats pls! because its time to get into a Time Machine and wish you could rewind a couple of months back to be witness to the greatest stop mark in music history ever, the back stage rehearsals of Michael Jackson's This IS IT….. ..He couldn't have been more alive, more energetic, more the professional, more the musician - singer than he is…. This Is It the movie is your time Machine that takes you right there amidst every auditioned dancer, performer, musician who don't have enough words to express what it feels like to work with MJ. It was a dream of a lifetime and they knew that it would become a date with history…

Watching the movie is an adrenaline rush, its like being in a concert you want to get up and sing for, applaud and scream at the immense intensity of what your are taken through while watching MJ perform.

The movie opens with his dancers a select few who knew it was a chance in a life time to dance with MJ…and the best part is the Choreographers itself tell you that you are Michael Jackson …you are an extension of Michael Jackson himself... …every stage move is perfected, every note that his singers sing is tuned to perfection. Infact when you see MJ's footwork you wonder how come his feet aren't in knots yet?… 

People around you watching are either stunned, singing or just screaming seeing MJ perform. And if you are the real MJ fan the minute you here the bridges of his songs you are all set to sing MJ style if you please……a bit of Human Nature to start with..then "If you wanna be starting something" can Shake your body down to the ground...and..then with abetted breath you get to witness..... Man In The Mirror...…and much more…all to close with credits from his latest track This IS IT...

What amazes me is that every song was a movie within itself dramatically shot and portrayed which becomes the back drop of the song that's about to unfold on center stage with MJ…..right from They Don't Care About Us and his multiplying soldiers to Smooth Criminal and his mafia fights, from Thriller and its haunts to The Earth Song with a message to save the earth…….it all suddenly takes you back to the days of Floyd....when technically their sound and visual creativity was supreme…an extension of their  mind that even today the Pulse concert can invigorate the same ecstasy you feel when watching it….and the same ecstacy happens now when you see the rehearsals of This Is It…this concert would have definitely been extraordinaire…par excellence……Now just think a ticket to this concert would have been your ticket to MJ.

You would have seen MJ the ultimate music everyone their moment to be a star, his guitarists, his musicians, everyone including you and to top it all Kenny Ortega couldn't have been a better director of the whole masterpiece itself …so if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it and trust me you won't regret it..coz if you weren't his fan ..think again you will be after THIS IS IT.

Anita Naidu Pawaskar is a radio professional, working for Radio Mirchi – Corporate Programming