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Me Myself and MJ .. He lives on!....

MUMBAI: Today is the day that will go down in history. Believe me, it's like Neverland will emerge like the Phoenix.. Michael Jackson will be something  more than what Graceland was for Elvis ….and I write here before you coz I can't stop myself , I just wish I could have revived MJ … and witness his comeback this July, one magnificent concert… 50 more to go …but now all of a sudden memories of how I grew up on MJ flash by, no short term memory loss here - it's like opening the pages of the Legend, of the King OF Pop .I guess God was the DJ at that point of time and decided to play MJ …..I remember how I would turn on the BBC to play MJ… ABC's easy as  123...…it was a learning in it self … this kid of the Jackson 5  named Michael was destined to be inevitably the  King of Popular Music ….his energy, his vibes , his twists and turns and then the slick moonwalk…were synonymous with his image …his music  would always make me get up and try his spins …and sing I Wanna Rock With You All Night...…the years rolled by and producers could see the potential of this little man …

I think the biggest producer musician making an impact in his life was Quincy Jones. He saw what MJ had and made it happen….1984 that was a big turning point in his career…this was the year when he won the eight Grammys and became the Thriller... in pop music , the highest ever Grammy Award winner  I remember how I would record on my VHS system the Pre Grammy Awards, the Grammy's, everything MJ and call my friends home from School for a MJ special …it was out of this world.

We would sing every song as if we were MJ himself……. My sister Jeep is probably one of his greatest fans ever. You will find stashed away in her closet cuttings of MJ, his history, his music …from tapes, to VHS, to CDs , to posters - you name it….she  was the talking handbook of MJ and every song was on the tip of her tongue, you just had to play the intro and that's it! she will sing it for you...I remember every music competition in school we had an MJ song lined  up from PYT, That Girl Is Mine, Man In The Mirror, Billie Jean, Smooth Crimnal ( God I loved to copy the moves in that song)…Heal the World…in fact, MJ was a great story teller in his music every song had a story to tell every video visualized his lyrics …... Remember the Time...-….Eddie Murphy and his model Queen ….the King was bored so the king of  pop had to entertain him. Take Black or White... – that's people and diversity ,multicultural multiplural for you ….or  Heal the World …I think every school kid has probably done this number to death…I have myself ..but it sure sings the words of MJ trying to make the world a better place….I could talk on MJ forever …..I could RJ on MJ forever….coz one thing is for sure - I'm gonna miss this Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Story teller forever..ever ….there can't ever be another Michael Jackson …..he is   HISTORY-Present Past Future…..Thank you for the Music, Michael!

Anita Naidu Pawaskar is a radio professional, working for Radio Mirchi – Corporate Programming