Vineet Singh Hukmani, Radio One MD

Someone had an idea. A brain child. He fathered it and nurtured it passionately. And every time the child crossed a milestone, he shouted out from the rooftops. The government thankfully did not interfere or better did not even have an inkling of how to control it with their typical short sighted approach. Suddenly before our very eyes, we see the IPL brand valuation doubling to USD 4 billion dollars, a single team being bid at USD 370 million and a ten year license seems like a lot of time. Everyone who is involved with it and may I add, involved intensely, is benefiting financially. In one IPL session alone, the advertising revenue associated with it is over INR 700cr. Every brand that is worth its salt is interested in paying a premium. Every team's valuation has more than doubled. The players stand to earn more now even up to USD 7 million dollars a player. The broadcaster is bullish like never before and now there is talk of taking it to an international scale. To top it all, each team has an excellent measure of local connect and the fans are filling up the stadiums by paying for tickets at the highest prices because they are all SO INVOLVED. In a short 3 seasons, Jai ho to the father Lalit Modi! Jai ho BCCI, Jai ho team owners! Jai ho consumers! Jai ho advertisers! Jai ho the IPL industry! Jai ho to creativity of free enterprise in India!

Let's compare this to our radio industry. Who is the father here? The government?! or should I dare ask, �Does the industry even have a father?' The government here is like a petty landlord that took the investors money in advance and did not really care about any problems or issues faced by the �tenant' industry. They controlled it with a tough licensed regime and have never cared to understand any serious problem the industry has faced in the last 3 years. They did not provide the required infrastructure in time and tends to be active only to recover its �rent'!

As a result where do we stand in Radio. A meager annual industry turnover of less than 700 Cr net, even when we are the highest reach medium. No REAL passionate involvement from the listener, as there is no REAL differentiation in

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Guest 03:14:56 PM 06 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
radio is being taken for a ride by the bureaucrats with vested interests! im sure they must have something to gain from hurrying up the licenses even at a personal level? why otherwise would they ignore the viability of the whole industry
Ekta Gulati 10:20:31 AM 04 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
wow. i have never read anything so open and passionate. we should demand what is right for our inudstry and i support the radio investors forum and pledge that i will talk about license extension in my company with all my friends. if everyone talks. it can become large enough to tackle the bureaucrats. after what is their qualification in radio?!
Dinesh Rathore 10:14:35 AM 04 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
is article ne toh jagaa deeya boss! how can you expect old government officials almost retiring to understand a young radio. do they even listen to fm radio. do they know how hard we work? unka kaam hai susti aur apna pension lena! we must have a unity and not give up on this issue of license fee to 15 years and my salaam to investors for making our industry and giving us jobs. we are with you sirs
Swapnil Raina 10:06:13 AM 04 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
I think investors should have put money in fixed deposit and got back 10% return than putting in the hands of lazy government officials who claim to work for radio industry. it is a shame that such a situation has come again at the hands of lazy bureaucrats. i want to join this support and i hope more will come forward to push for license years extension
Mrinal Gupta 09:40:00 PM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
i was amazed at this article. all of us in radio slog to make it work and the there is total ignorance by the govt. we will support our investors whole heartedly. long live and love radio
Pritam Sinha 02:50:20 PM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
I think it is the best bit of interview I have read on radio of late. Reminds me of Sajan Venniyoor when he talks so passionately about Community Radio on various forums. Yes, radio is just another 'under developed nation' as opposed to any 'developed nation'. The similarities are quite stark when compared with the IPL as is the case in the interview. Please make radio once again favourites in the media cacophony that is best demonstrated with IPL. I think Gaurav Kapur, who was once an RJ and now on IPL as a commentator/presentor, or anybody who has graduated from Radio to become a big star, should be doing something about the medium which first gave him/her fame. Cheers for this great bit of afternoon reading. At least my siesta is gone!
Sulekha 01:50:03 PM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
this article woke me up! i am ready to support radio at all costs as it pays for everything i own. if the radio investors want we can escalate the movement to listeners as they love radio i will support fully. it is our right to ask for the license extension from 10-15 years. humko bhi toh kuch milna chahiye. govt apna paisa vasool karti hai aur bhaag jaati hai
Alok Dutta 01:43:29 PM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
Its increment time and i wonder why things are so uncertain. Now i understand. If the people who invested in radio cant make money, how can we as employees hope to do that. The culprits are the lazy govt officials who pass judgement on radio where we work to make it successful. i certainly agree that we should support the radio investors and demand the license extension because the government has wasted our precious time
Arvind 01:33:12 PM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
the time has come to support the people who have provided us with jobs. we must push for a 15 year license
Shruti 11:14:28 AM 03 Apr 2010 Report Abuse
A beautiful article and I hope this article acts as a slap in the face of such bureaucrats who might get down to reading it. In whichever way my voice to support this cause helps , I'll be glad. As an ardent radio fan and an RJ I wish these demands dont fall on to deaf ears. If there is a way to take this movement forward I assure you full support and am sure there are thousands out there (players , investors , consumers just like in the IPL) who will come out and support. Cheers!!!!
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