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News |  04 Sep 2009 17:07 |  By chiragsutar

World Records Academy accords Asha 'most recorded artist' honour

MUMBAI: One of the country's most revered singers Asha Bhosle now claims the title for being the Most Recorded Artist. The recognition comes from World Records Academy - the world's largest certifying organization for having sung whopping 13,000 songs across genres till now.

A similar title for recording the highest number of songs was held by her elder sister and well-known acclaimed singer Lata Mangeshkar between 1974 to 1991 with the Guinness World Records.

Asha Bhosle came to know about her achievement after her Kolkata based fan club updated her on the news. "I am happy that I got these two recognitions," says the veteran singer.

The news of her inculsion in the World Records Academy comes after her non-film album Precious Platinum made it to the Top 100 Greatest World Music Albums of all Time by In times when most albums are heavily promoted, Precious Platinum made it to the top solely on the basis of music, clearly speaking for itself.

Incidentally, the two recognitions come as she celebrates her 76th birthday on 8 September, "There couldn't have been anything better I would have asked for," she says before signing off.

Ironically, She was told by the Guinness World Records that the category for most recorded artiste was closed. However, World Records Academy, has recognized her achievement and will include her name in the new world record for the Most Recorded Artist in the next Book of Records.

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