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News |  11 Mar 2013 20:55 |  By RnMTeam

We had such a good time in India: NO_ID

Ralph van Vugt and Devi van der Horst popularly known as NO_ID, was formed in 2008. The duo had surprised the Dutch DJ scene by winning the Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Contest with one of their first tracks called ‘Wurld’, nominated for best house track with commercial potential.

NO_ID were among the few once in the Dutch and international dance floors circuit who created fresh international big room and proggy house sound. Projects of NO_ID have been released on Diffused Music, Armada Music, Ultra Records, Toolroom Records, Spinnin’ Records, Cr2 Records, and others.

The duo were a part of the Swedish House mafia ‘One Last Tour’ on 16 and 17 February. Recently, they were in India for the Asia tour. They performed at Bengaluru, Indore, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. When they were in Mumbai enjoying the city, they took their time off to speak to


How was the experience in India?

It was really impressive; we had such a good time in India. The crowd was crazy here.

Luckily we had some days off in Mumbai to explore the city and it was a really good experience.  We love the vibe of the city. Everyone is so kind and in every city we played we had such a warm welcome.

In Bengaluru, people danced their ass off. It was such a good crowd. We always love to play outdoors; there was this beautiful old tree which we played underneath.  It was really a beautiful sight.

Why did you decide to tour Asia?

It has always been on our wish list and we feel that the house scene is really growing in Asia.  We have heard a lot of good stories about the Asian scene from other DJ's so we thought it’s finally time to see what it is all about.

What according to you is the most widely followed music genre in Asia?

It’s a tricky question(Laughs), maybe something in folk music.

What were your expectations from the Indian fans? 

We didn’t exactly know what to expect because the culture is so different than ours. All the fans gave us such a warm welcome, so now we have to come back to understand them more.

What kind of Indian music have you heard? Did you hear some classical Indian music around?

It’s a shame; we didn’t hear any classical music but we heard some typical Indian psy trance. Its goes really fast with some really cool Indian elements. We liked it.

Are you planning to compile your work into an album?

At the moment we are busy with a lot of new material. We think it’s not the time for us to make an album now. Firstly, we want to release some good singles but you never know maybe it could be an album in the end.

Any future plans/tours/projects after the Asian tour?

We tested our new single here in India and it went really well so hopefully it is going to be released soon. After our Asia tour we’re going straight to the US to start a tour there.

Any message for your Indian fans?

It was an amazing experience and it was a pleasure to be here. Thanks for having us and we would love to come back soon.