Urmila Dhangar wins Zee Marathi's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

MUMBAI: Urmila Dhangar, the singer from Badlapur who impressed judges and audiences alike with her voice, walked away with top honours at Zee Marathi's

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa season seven that culminated in Mumbai on Sunday evening. Dhangar whose husky voice and rendition of lavanis and other folk songs made her extremely popular among the contestants during the current season, was crowned the winner after an exhaustive finale, by renowned veteran folk singer Vitthal Umap. The other two finalists - Abhilasha Chellam and Rahul Saxena - were adjudged runners up.

Incidentally, both Abhilasha and Rahul are non Maharashtrians, the first time that non Maharashtrians reached the top spots in the regional talent hunt.

Rahul is a winner of Golden Voice Hunt of 'Hindi Sa Re Ga Ma' and a finalist of Indian Idol while Abhilasha too had participated in Star Plus' Voice of India.

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Guest 03:22:35 PM 28 Jul 2010 Report Abuse
Both were non Maharashtrians.... One can understand their vernacular ascent while singing. How can they be Zeemarathi top singers ? In India anything can happen... Even in politics , an Italian bar waitress can become President of Indian Political party.. but do it happen in Italy ? Can Indian person become Prime Minister of Italy ???
Guest 06:35:12 AM 21 Feb 2010 Report Abuse
I liked urmila when she sang Kalidaar Kapuri*** but after that none of her songs impressed me so much. Abhilasha has very heart heart to heart touching voice.
Suchitra 09:53:06 PM 07 Feb 2010 Report Abuse
Urmila Dhangar is the Verstile snger.Her voice is suitable for "Lavani" but other than that she can sing it.After her Rahul Saxena will be the good singer.He can sing in Marathi very well eventhough he is non maharashtrian. So I think Urnila & Rahul both are Winners.
Guest 12:58:23 PM 04 Feb 2010 Report Abuse
Urmila was not at all a deserving candidate for this. Rahul and Abhilasha are the versatlile singers whereas Urmila's voice is suitable only for folk songs - especially lawani.
Guest 10:45:59 AM 02 Feb 2010 Report Abuse
Rahul and Abhilasha were much more talented than Urmila. I was looking forward to Rahul winning the title. Urmila seems to be less versatile.
Guest 06:45:39 PM 01 Feb 2010 Report Abuse
Abhilasha was much more talented than Urmila Dhangar who could sing only the folk songs better
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