MUMBAI: Both the brothers live in a world where live performance is their lives yet amidst all that they compose music for films. Duo has ventured into Marathi films by composing music for Vishal Gaikwwad’s Runh.

Speaking with, Sangeet said, “Runh has a very blond and strong subject. We were surprised when we saw the end results. There is club track ‘Gondhal Gondhal’ based on Marathi folk which is out on Youtube. Remaining will be out soon.” Haldipur brothers have composed four tracks for the film. They are working on few bollywood projects that he did not wish to disclose.

The duo composer might be together in studio composing music for films or other projects. They have a life beyond that room as they are members with various bands experimenting with various forms of music.  Sangeet who was also member of the Channel V mixed popstar band ‘Aasma’ said, “Performing live is a different high altogether. We are flexible but there are at times when we both cannot go together to meet clients so one handles the whole thing. We are so much in love with live performance that we cannot sit in studio 24/7. I believe that even a small interaction with your audience can help trigger a tune or get you an inspiration for the next film.

Duo has composed songs for films like Murder 2, Blood Money, Aatma, Fruit & Nut, Bird Idol and Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke.

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