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News |  17 Jul 2013 19:19 |  By RnMTeam

Punjabi music today is desi lyrics with urban music: 9X Tashan

Today, Punjabi music industry is a thriving industry compared to past few years when growth was sluggish. The scenario has completely changed with the emerging trends, style and the new entrants in the business. Despite the challenges and strengths, many and many entities have started exploring it and part-take in the growth.

9X Tashan is one such music channel which was launched in August 2011 has been airing musical content and has was a smash hit when it came to the Punjabi audiences.  9X Tashan programming head Baljinder S Mahant talks with about the pulse of the market,  the latest trends, innovation and creative programmes.


What was your core objective behind introducing a local character like Jatt, Jaat on your channel?

Since its launch, 9X Tashan has been a leading Punjabi music channel. The faith of our viewers has been relentless and to acknowledge their love and commitment to us we introduced our Superheroes Jatt and Jaat to our Gang of animated characters comprising Ullu Da Patha, Bhabhi, and Bade Chote.

These new characters - Jatt (a Punjabi Superhero) & Jaat (a Haryanvi Superhero) with their tongue-in-cheek antics will help us strengthen the relation with our viewers.

What are the music trends today in Punjab as music industry and how do you plan to implement it in Tashan?

Punjabi music industry’s trends have been changing quickly with the emergence of the young generation of musicians every now and then. Today’s trend can be referred as ‘Diljit’s Urban Pendu’ and ‘Honey Singh’s International Villager’ both defines desi lyrics and urban music.

What kind of programs work well amongst Punjabi audiences?

9X Tashan plays back-to-back super hit Punjabi music clubbed with animation and humor and this has worked with our viewers. The viewers love it.

How does the channel maintain its leading position?

9X Tashan is renowned for playing back to back super hit tracks. We play the songs which have already rocked the Punjabi music industry. Keeping the same in mind, the content is created and delivered in the best possible way, irrespective of the status of the star or the music labels. This we think is one of the prime reasons for our success.

What are the innovations you plan to carry out in programming?

Being a music channel we run back to back music and keep our viewers engrossed with innovation around the music and artists featured on the channel. Each song played or promoted on the channel has strategic plan of action. It could be via integration of our animated characters or innovation through artist or content. For e.g, we just promoted the album 4X4 by singer Vinay Pal Buttar on the channel. This being a romantic album we created a segment Buttar tutor of love which was highly appreciated by the viewers.Our recent program based around the promotion of Jatt and Juliet 2 titled ‘Radio Buggi’ where the two leads of the film hosted the segment. The program ‘Tashan di lohri’ was used to promote new artists.

What are the challenges you face in programming?

Majorly, the rapid changing trends have to be kept in sync with programming and packaging of the channel. Along with that the other challenge is to keep the programming policy safe along with achieving sale goals and facilitating the artist and music labels in their prosperity. The problem of piracy had affected the Punjabi music for a while now. Earlier, there was a time when artists who paid money to various companies were highlighted always.  But Tashan has changed the trend; we highlight music and artistes who are have the caliber to make an impact through their music.

What genre of music gives you higher viewership - film or independent music- and why?

The successful Punjabi film industry heroes have basically been super hit singers. Hence, we do not differentiate between film or independent musicians.

What are the changing trends in Punjabi music industry?

If one looks at the industry for the past five years, the production quality and cost has scaled high because of the advancement in resources and skilled engineers who have been producing content which readily matches international standards. Secondly, the warm welcome of Punjabi music in Bollywood clearly noticed has been a greater booster for the growth of Punjabi Music industry and will be prevalent for the time to come.

There are many international Punjabi artistes around the world, how do you get their music played on your channel and how much of their music are played? How well these international music work for your channel?

9x Tashan has a focused music policy. Looking at the variety of tastes in various countries, like- content production in UK is of 2nd and 3rd generation which has a combination of urban folk whereas in Australia the listeners have a typical folk taste, having mostly young listeners. We do have tie-ups with foreign music labels mostly in UK, Australia, Canada and Pakistan and we do have their songs in our playlist but we play them as per our music policy only. Adding to this, from last two years we have given platform to many international Punjabi artists.

How much per cent folk music is covered in your programming and how well it works for you?

We have a dedicated consumption of five to seven per cent of folk music in our programming. As per our music policy we disseminate the folk content daily and its placement is decided according to our mood mapping policy. We had started folk music as experimental programming, after understanding consumption pattern; we decided to keep it to this level.

How well does live events, which is a part of your programming click amongst the masses?

We don’t telecast LIVE events on the channel. But 9X Tashan have created a unique on-ground and on-air property to showcase the best of Punjabi film and non-film music- Tashan Nites. Tashan Nites is a series of exclusively by-invitation parties that will be held across North India to connect the best names in Punjabi entertainment with the masses. This property celebrates every aspect of the Punjabi entertainment genre. It is an apt platform for Punjabi artists to connect with their fans and create awareness about their latest movies and music albums.

What is the future of Punjabi music industry?

The openings of new horizons in Bollywood for artists like- Honey Singh, Jazzy B, Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Garewal is a positive sign for a much applauded growth of Punjabi Music industry. The acceptance of only popular singers as Punjabi Film Heroes is an addition for these artists.