Today, Punjabi music industry is a thriving industry compared to past few years when growth was sluggish. The scenario has completely changed with the emerging trends, style and the new entrants in the business. Despite the challenges and strengths, many and many entities have started exploring it and part-take in the growth.

9X Tashan is one such music channel which was launched in August 2011 has been airing musical content and has was a smash hit when it came to the Punjabi audiences.  9X Tashan programming head Baljinder S Mahant talks with about the pulse of the market,  the latest trends, innovation and creative programmes.


What was your core objective behind introducing a local character like Jatt, Jaat on your channel?

Since its launch, 9X Tashan has been a leading Punjabi music channel. The faith of our viewers has been relentless and to acknowledge their love and commitment to us we introduced our Superheroes Jatt and Jaat to our Gang of animated characters comprising Ullu Da Patha, Bhabhi, and Bade Chote.

These new characters - Jatt (a Punjabi Superhero) & Jaat (a Haryanvi Superhero) with their tongue-in-cheek antics will help us strengthen the relation with our viewers.

What are the music trends today in Punjab as music industry and how do you plan to implement it in Tashan?

Punjabi music industry’s trends have been changing quickly with the emergence of the young generation of musicians every now and then. Today’s trend can be referred as ‘Diljit’s Urban Pendu’ and ‘Honey Singh’s International Villager’ both defines desi lyrics and urban music.

What kind of programs work well amongst Punjabi audiences?

9X Tashan plays back-to-back super hit Punjabi music clubbed with animation and humor and this has worked with our viewers. The viewers love it.

How does the channel maintain its leading position?

9X Tashan is renowned for playing back to back super hit tracks. We play the songs which have already rocked the Punjabi music industry. Keeping the same in mind, the content is created and delivered in the best possible way, irrespective of the status of the star or the music labels. This we think is one of the prime reasons for our success.

What are the innovations you plan to carry out in programming?

Being a music channel we run back to back music and keep our viewers engrossed with innovation around the music and artists featured

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