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MUMBAI: Unlike the Punjabi music industry that has gone all out to promote their music, the regional music space is waiting to be exploited. The concluding panel discussion on day one of Nokia Music Connects 5 (NMC) was ‘The Regional Music Story’ moderated by the founder Radioandmusic.com and CEO of Indiantelevision.com Anil Wanvari and panelists for the same were Meshi Creations Pvt Ltd CEO Dewal Prashar and Sony music Punjab head Pawanesh Pajnu.

Pajnu said, "We are very careful when it comes to picking up the content. The content that is international are penned in a way that suits the tastes of the rural based consumers of music."

Pajnu presented the unexpected side of the industry. He said, "Many lyricists in the Punjabi music industry are producers. Most of the lyricists know the market and have an idea of what kind of content works. He specified that non-film music is driven by these lyricists who are also producers. 

Pajnu and Prashar both agreed to the fact that there is a need to create that cater to urban and rural Punjabi speaking population. "We want to make music for everyone."

Punjabi music industry is not limited to India but is spread across the US, UK and Australia. The discussion also touched the Punjabi film industry. In 2013, the film industry made 436 crore business.

They are even optimistic that Punjabi artistes might someday become face of Indian music industry. Artistes like Diljit Dosanjh and Gippy Grewal have become well-known actors in the Punjabi music industry.

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