MUMBAI: After the massive success of its first season, the second season of popular radio storytelling show Big FM’s ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box’ has witnessed a five-fold growth by garnering around five million page views on facebook every month. Taking the concept forward, for the first time radio content has been developed and encapsulated into books, and will also soon explore other platforms like digital and TV.

Series of books were launched on 24 January , the opening day of the Jaipur Literature Festival, Asia’s biggest.  The event witnessed a live storytelling and song performance, where Misra narrated stories and sang songs penned by him. The first two volumes of ‘Neelesh Misra ka Yaad Sheher’ compile the stories already aired on Big FM in Hindi.

Speaking with, Misra said, “Often content created on a particular platform remains restricted to it and there are no ways to bring it on to other platforms. I am very happy that the radio stories are being converted into books. The concept with books has been developed as oral storytelling so that the essence of it is not lost. Now in the future, there are many other platforms to explore like digital and TV.”

Series of books will be launched across the country published by the joint venture of Westland and Yatra Books which has acquired the rights for six volumes of the book. The Hindi version will be followed by a series of Yaad Sheher books in English and other languages. Each volume of the book will feature 20-25 stories. The current series of books released comprises of stories from the first season of the show.

Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra is produced by Misra’s company Content Project Pvt Ltd for Reliance Broadcast Network, the parent company of Big FM.

Big FM network programming head Manav Dhanda said, “Being one of the well-received shows in recent times, we are looking forward to augment its success through the ‘Yaad Sheher’ series of books. With this initiative, we take forward the legacy of Big FM amplifying it’s on air offerings across varied platforms.”

The next stop for the stories will be the mobile platform which will witness the content being available through different telcos. Mobile users will be able to dial a short code provided by the telecom company and can listen to any of the Yaad Sheher stories. Apart from

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