MUMBAI: Proving that non-music content can also survive on radio and has a long road ahead in the medium, Neelesh Misra revived the art of storytelling on radio through his show ‘Yaadon ka Idiot Box’. As the show is currently in its second edition, the lyricist has big plans to take the show to the next level.

Apart from being aired on Big FM networks every Monday-Friday from 9-11pm, the stories narrated on the show will now be compiled into series of CDs and books in English and Hindi. The first series will comprise of stories from season one into two volumes by Harper Collins.

Misra says, “The idea is to write literature which can be read as books and seen as serious short stories instead of just on radio. The quality of stories have to remain good so I have to remain excited enough as a storyteller as it is very creatively challenging to explore newer themes.”

The stories will also be available on mobile phones where the listener can dial a number and hear the story. “The content will be owned by Big FM but the platform will be announced at a later date. This is the future of storytelling where people anywhere in India can dial a number and hear a story,” he claims.

Trying to increase its listenership in the second season, the show has taken the digital route through sites like facebook and Youtube. After being aired on the show, the stories are also uploaded on its facebook page and as audio format on its Youtube channel which has been garnering record numbers.

“The average listenership on the show as per the station numbers is about 35million everyday in 35 cities. The stories that we uploaded on facebook got 5.5mn page view last year in the first three months. This year the numbers are bigger as we are averaging at about 4mn page views per month garnered from around the world. So in the first two months we have got around eight million page views,” he reveals.

Though the first season of the show was a one hour slot with five hour repeat on Sundays, it is now a two hour slot with the same repeat schedules. While the first hour of the show features stories, the other two segments comprise of listener interaction with call-ins and reading out their facebook messages which

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