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MUMBAI: Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia’s musical journey along with his bamboo flute was an inspiration for many; he is a dedicated teacher with several devoted art music students world-wide, and many of whom are beginning to make their mark on the concert stage.  But it was just recently that a documentary ‘Bansuri Guru’ is made on him.

Directed by son Rajeev Chaurasia, ‘Bansuri Guru’, a documentary film on the flute maestro is set for release at select PVR theatres, nationwide on 12 April. The targeted cities for release include Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Allahabad and Bangalore. Additionally the film will have special screenings in Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad.

The 60 minutes documentary portrays the key milestones of Pandit Chaurasia’s life accompanied by guests, family interviews and archival footage that have enhanced the film by way of visual and emotional delight.

Pandit Chaurasia’s long journey towards perfection has taken more than seventy years of arduous practice to have turned him into a highly accomplished musician. ‘Bansuri Guru’ takes poignant years of Pt Chaurasia’s life and unravels the story of a man who was preordained to be an extraordinary musician, despite every possible rule in the rule book that drove him the other way. It is a story of a man’s triumph against odds to achieve that one thing closest to him, his perseverance to excel and his destiny to master his passion.

It will be the first documentary to be commercially launched by Films Division, Government of India.  Film division director general VS Kundu said, “Bansuri Guru is a lyrical journey into the life and times of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the greatest flautist and a leading maestro of Indian music, experienced through the doting heart of his son. Film division is proud to have produced this film which is sure to touch millions of hearts in India and abroad. This will be our first commercial film with such a big name.”

‘Bansuri Guru’ has been produced by Films Division, Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and is being supported for an all India release by Tata Consultancy Services under the PVR Director’s Rare banner.

‘Bansuri Guru’ starts with Pandit Chaurasia’s childhood in Allahabad from 1938 to 1948, then goes on to his teen years in the same city as a young apprentice till 1958. This is followed by life in his 20s as an All India Radio

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