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News |  22 Apr 2013 21:30 |  By RnMTeam

Music is an important part of medical treatment: Guitarmonk

NEW DELHI: Cancer survivors were paid a scintillating music salutation by the Delhi-based band Guitarmonk over the weekend.

In the concert at Indian Habitat Centre, various genres of music such as Indi Pop, Western and Instrumental were performed by various artistes including a non-stop acoustic guitar by Kapil Srivastava, founder of Guitarmonk.

The other artistes included singer Nitin, Gaurav, and Rahul.

Guitarmonk also sponsored music therapy CDs gifted to eminent doctors and cancer survivors. The CD includes æselected ragasÆ that help in healing stress.

'It is said that there is a physician inside our body and when we feed that physician with music, it gains strength and healing starts taking place from within. In cancer, this is very important, even as it is inexpensive. Dents on mind and body can only be met with a strong will power and spiritualityÆ, said Srivastava on this occasion. .

Guitarmonk is one of IndiaÆs largest music social movements, honoured by state governments, the Ministry of Health, and various corporates for its social initiatives over the five years.

It is also working on the cause of cancer by creating emotional support, creating awareness about the disease and its prevention.