Harpreet khokhar & Satish Gurnani    14 Jul 10 13:42 IST

MUMBAI: Irked by the fact that most of the radio stations in the city refuse to give air time to Marathi music, political party Shiv Sena on Saturday, issued a warning to all FM players in Mumbai to start airing Marathi songs within seven days or else 'face the music.'

Sena Chief Bal Thackeray in a statement said, "It has been noticed that many FM channels do not play Marathi songs. They should start airing them in a week or else Sena would launch an agitation."  Fresh media reports have also stated that Shiv Sena staged a demonstration in front of the offices of Red FM and Radio Mirchi on Monday evening for the issue

Reportedly, the statement was issued by Thackeray after Marathi musicians Mayuresh Pai, Kaushal Inamdar, Mandar Gogate and Chandrashekhar Sane approached him. Following the Sena, the MNS has also jumped onto the bandwagon to support Marathi music being aired on radio channels.

Clearing the air on the issue Kaushal Inamdar says, "Our basic aim to approach them was not to ask them for help but to make them aware about the policy that the radio stations in the city have against the playing of Marathi music. Neither the common folk nor the government authorities are aware that the radio stations have such a policy as to not air regional Marathi music. Such policies are unacceptable and we want them to wake up and address the issue."

"Radio stations in Tamil Nadu cannot afford not to play Tamil music. Similarly, in Bengal the radio stations have to play regional Bengali music so why is that the capital of Maharasthra cannot play its regional Marathi music," questions Inamdar. "As a Marathi musician if I want to survive how do I do it if the so called 'local medium' doesn't help me in anyway. It is a sad state of affairs if I cannot exist by making music in my mother tongue."

When asked if there is a market for Marathi music in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, Inamdar defending his stand says, "It's a lie that there is no market for Marathi music. Musicians like Ajay Atul are doing well, Marathi movies are viewed everywhere and the music is equally enjoyed, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi was one of the most rated program. Only when people are exposed to the music will its demand

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