Bhushan Nagpal    06 Aug 10 12:45 IST

New Delhi: A sum of Rs 1.44 billion has been allocated in the Eleventh Plan for expansion and revamping of the FM transmitter network while a sum of Rs 3.85 billion has been approved for expansion and revamping of the Medium Wave channels of All India Radio.

Information and Broadcasting Ministry sources said that timelines had been prepared for all the schemes and monitoring committees had been formed to keep watch on these 

In addition, there is a non-plan allocation of Rs 900 million from Internal Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR) for programme activities, and Rs 100 million for development of programmes under the Software Plan Scheme.

The sources said Prasar Bharati was exploring the possibility of professional outside producers in specialized fields for Jammu and Kashmir, the North East and other parts of the country  

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