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News |  29 Sep 2007 23:47 |  By RnMTeam to promote new talent, the online radio station that can be personalised to play the music of your choice is calling on young musicians to take control of their music in order to get it heard. is launching the Campaign For Better Music, which aims to show young musicians how to produce, promote and distribute music "without spending a load of money," according to the campaign`s manifesto.

Says co founder Martin Stiksel,"There`s so much great music out there that doesn`t get a chance to find an audience and we want that to change. It`s possible now because we`re in the middle of a revolution in terms of how music is made and distributed and promoted. There`s a lot of talk about all these things in the media but not much action in the real world - so we`re going to show new bands how." was sold in May for ?140m to American media giant CBS.