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MUMBAI: Over the last few years, the live music scene in Northeast India has been picking up momentum, making the region one of the most vibrant music destinations of the country. Performance of international artistes and rock bands in cities like Shillong and Dimapur have further helped bring international focus to the region. But what if you come to know that local musicians are not quite happy with this?

International artistes and star performers, when they come here for their performances, manage to stir up a lot of hype about the region being transported as an ultimate music destination. But the entire concept disappears with the departure of these musicians. It is imperative that the local scene is developed first; not to make the region any rock capital but just in order to give due respect to our musicians and artistes,... says Aiyushman Dutta journalist and founder secretary of the Rockarolla Music Society.

Though the region is being promoted as a music capital, a section of musicians of the city are unhappy with the sorry state of affairs of the local music scene. They feel that just a few international artists cannot make a region a music capital and the local music scene needs to develop further.

Moa Subong, frontman of Grammy-nominated experimental rock group Abiogenesis says, How can one or two musicians or bands make a region a music capital? To become a music capital, music needs to be inherent in the life of the people; there should be solid support for the musicians and local bands should get as many avenues to perform and play. I don't see any of that happening here....

Continuing with its basic mission to develop the independent music industry of the region, the Rockarolla Music Society has come up a novel initiative – a public jamming session for the local musicians. The first public jamming session – October Jam - would get underway on the afternoon of October 13 at Shilpagram in Guwahati.

What's October Jam?

October Jam is one of the first initiatives of its kind which will see all senior and contemporary musicians from the independent music industry descending at Shilpagram to do what they do best – make music together! Besides them, the evening will also feature performances of some of Guwahati's most noted rock bands, including Dark Horizon, Hammerhead, Silver Tears, Sunday Mourning and

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Just because of few greedy guys - Andrew, Shaidul and their crew - Shillong got a bad name. They should be put behind bars. I am sure these guys don't even know the name of local bands. Shillongites, don't allow crooks to lead you all.
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