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in.com partners Universal for Raghav's new album

MUMBAI: Viacom 18 portal in.com has partnered with Universal Music to promote the soon to launched album by Raghav titled �Identity'.

Raghav had launched his debut album �Storyteller' in 2004 where he had belted out tracks like �Can't get enough' and �Let's Work It Out'. �Identity' has been co-written with the likes of Cutfather and Joe (Pussycat Dolls), Niara Scarlett (Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Mutya Buena), Peter Wade (Jeniffer Lopez), Jazzwad (Damien Marley) Mushtaq and Hindi producer Flavasia. The album is a mix of eclectic melodies and cultural soundscapes.

The portal has a video space dedicated to the artiste where viewers can listen to the opening single from Raghav's new album. The video will be streamed on in.com's home page as well as its 18 other sister concerned portals. There will also be a 60 second preview of the rest of the tracks of the album.

The website in a tie-up with music channel VH1 will send the winners of an online contest to attend the singer's live concert in Hard Rock Caf?© on 26th, 27th and 28th August in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The winners will also get to meet Raghav personally.

in.com's product manager Rishabh Gupta says, These promotions are undertaken as a buzz element rather than to build traffic....

The portal had earlier released Shakira's single She Wolf.... We had tied up with Sony music for the single and received an overwhelming response for the video with more than one lakh views in 10 days. We also offered free download of the Spanish version of the songs for two days and there were close to 5000 downloads in the two days....

The portal also allowed the listeners to book the track online and on a payment of Rs 20 they would receive the track on their mail. For the first time we are allowing users to buy the track and rather than sending it in physical form, we will send it to their mail account. Currently we have tied up with Sony Music for the model but we are looking forward for further such tie-ups with other labels as well,... says Gupta.

The portal will partner again with Sony Music for the launch of the entire Shakira album in mid September. We will once again have exclusive viewing of one of her tracks and also allow one of the tracks to be freely downloadable. We are

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