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News |  21 Feb 2011 16:12 |  By RnMTeam

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi launches Lalitya Munshaw albums

MUMBAI: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi released Lalitya Munsha's albums Halarda and Lori  on Friday. The album (Lori is in Hindi, while Halarda is in Gurajati) has 10 lullabies sung by a versatile singer Lalitya Munshaw, penned by famous Gujarati poets Shri Jhaverchand Meghani and Shri Madhav Ramanuj.

The launch ceremony comprised of visualizations of Halarda by renowned Kathak exponents Ishira Parikh - Maulik Shah as well as Manifestation of mother's emotions by Shuba Desai and her prodigy Uttara Parikh. They performed on different tracks from the album �Halarda'. Lalitya also sang one of the tracks.

Talking about the need for releasing an album for little ones, Lalitya said In our busy world, it's easy to forget the time-honored practice of singing to our little ones. Lullabies provide a joyful, soul-soothing way to calm your fussy baby or to help lull her to sleep (and to calm yourself at the same time). There is just no substitute for these quiet moments of connection -- time spent nurturing your little love. So, get comfortable in that rocking chair, and enjoy a few moments of peace while listening to my album �Halarda....

Lalitya added Lullabies have been an integral part of Indian culture and heritage  It has been scientifically proven that listening to lullabies during pregnancy does have an enhancing and soothing effect on the unborn child. As a child, my first experience of music was through lullabies . The child feels the first touch of its mother's love through lullabies only. she added  In this modern era, where lullabies are on verge of being extinct , efforts to recreate the magic of popular lyrics by putting them to contemporary music shall work wonders in resurrecting lullabies back to its worthy place in current Indian ethos....

Talking about the album, Lalitya said, The album comprises of 10 lullabies. We have composed some evergreen and classic Indian lullabies, and also included a few fresh ones expressing the thoughts of new age mothers.

The album has age-old lullabies by famous Gujarati poet Shri Jhaverchand Meghani, Neendardi re…..., Vaulia ho…... Sav re Sonanu…... and Neendar Bhari re.....(composed by Avinash Vyas) as well as Meghani's popular Shivaji nu halardu…... also. Besides these five classics of famous Kavi Meghani,  Halarda has three lullabies penned by another famous Gujarati poet Shri Madhav Ramanuj viz. Chandan nu Parnu…... Dhiar re aajo..... and Baheno tame Dev na didhel….... Two more traditional lullabies Jhulo Jhulo Lalmata…... and Sui ja sui ja…... makes the album useful for cross section of the society  â€?Lori' in hindi has been written by lyricist Shri Shekhar Astitwa namely Nindariya ho, Nind bhari re, Soja soja ladle, Badarwa ho, Chandan ka palna, Aaja ri aari, Savra salona mera, Soja re tu soja, Tuhi mere nainaoka tara, Sivaji ko ninda na ave . The music has been mixed and mastered at Re n Raga Studio, Mumbai.

About Lalitya Munshaw:Born in Ahmedabad and now based in Mumbai, Munshaw's fascination with music started at the age of six. The classical training proved to be a platform for her foray into musical territories of Fusion, Bhajans, ghazals, geet, film  Munshaw regularly gives national as well as international performances.... Lalitya Munshaw a   Versatile singer and a performer class apart.... Her amazing videos add much more than just visualization to her music and have been widely appreciated.

11th and 12th albums of Lalitya were released today. Her previously released albums include â€?Maika Piya' – Fusion and â€?Rum Gaya Dil'- Romantic. With Lalitya's deeply religious upbringing the genre of devotional singing has always been her fortay. She has a slew of releases of devotional albums namely â€?Aartiyaan', â€?Hare Ram Hare Krishna' with Suresh Wadkerji, Krishnarpan... with Anup Jalotaji and â€?Shri Krishna Janmotsav'. Her forth coming albums are  â€?Rab Piya' -Sufi and Romantic, Guru Om... – Spiritual and Gayatri Mantra - Devotional.

Red Ribbon - In her endeavor and mission to preserve , enhance and popularize music it was natural progression that she establish  a  music company  called Red Ribbon Entertainment  which is today at the for front in production , distribution and marketing of various genres of music- Devotional, Film, Fusion, Folk, Ghazals in multiple languages 

Re N Raga- Lalitya has set up two state of the art recording Studios â€?Re n Ragaâ€? in Bombay. One of the most modern and  technologically advanced recording studios in the country at the moment. www.

Antarang  - She also runs a charitable trust called â€?Antarang' which aims to facilitate education and health where it is not available and not affordable.