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News |  03 Jun 2013 21:09 |  By RnMTeam

Guitarmonk launches Kayotsarg musical festival on National Cancer Survivor's Day

NEW DELHI: Recognizing that surviving cancer means having strong will power to respond to all the treatments and overcoming that deadly disease, Guitarmonk has  released the music festival ‘Kayotsarg’ on National Cancer Survivor’s Day.

Kayotsarg (uprising consciousness) is a live musical concert series that will invite musicians across globe along with cancer experts to join at a platform for cancer awareness.

Cancer Survivor’s Day is celebrated to inspire a vibrant, celebrating life after overcoming cancer and Kayotsarg implies ‘Kaya’ ie body plus ‘Utsarg’ ie to rise above. Kayotsarg is an initiative which implies rising above cancer and leave cancer behind - for both survivors and fighters.

"It is said that the physician is inside our body and when we feed the physician inside us with music, it gains strength and healing starts taking place from within. In cancer, this is very important as its expensive dents on mind and body can only be met with a strong will power and spirituality. I have seen two cancer victims in my own family and its impact on every one of us in family,” Guitarmonk founder Kapil Srivastava said.

Earlier on 20 April, Guitarmonk gave a scintillating music salutation to survivors of cancer disease at Indian Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. On the occasion guitarmonk also sponsored music therapy CDs gift to eminent doctors and cancer survivors. The CD included ‘selected ragas’ helps in healing stress.

Guitarmonk is a 360 degree music concept working on the cause of cancer by bringing emotional support, creating awareness for all on the cancer havoc and its prevention. It has pledged to reach 10,000 above cancer victims through its healing music and therapy.