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MUMBAI: With competition in singing reality shows getting tougher, contestants really have to prove their mettle to reach the top. Having selected its top ten contestants, singing reality show SaReGaMaPa 2012 will feature renowned Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali as the guest judge. The episode will air on Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 December 2012.

The special episode will showcase the top ten contestants being pitted against each other in special jugalbandi round bringing out their competitive streak through it. Some of the best performances of the evening include the jugalbandi between Jasraj (Pune) and Ustad Mohd Aman (Rajasthan) who rendered the track ‘Garaj Baras Sawan ghir Aaayo’. The duo received a standing ovation from the mentors and a token of Rs 1000 each from Sajid Khan.

Another performance which attained acclaim from Ali was the musical duel between Jazim and Himanshu on the popular Ghulam Ali Khan ghazal ‘Awargi’.

Speaking with Radioandmusic.com on the episode, SaReGaMaPa 2012 anchor Javed Ali said, “It was a very good episode and all of us had a lot of fun. We felt honoured to have Ghulam Ali sahab on our stage. The contestants too performed brilliantly in their own styles which was amazing.”

Apart from the contestants, host Ali too rendered a track for the guest judge. He sang the ghazal ‘Humko Kis Ke Gum Ne Maara’ rendered by the ghazal maestro himself.

Recounting his memories associated with the legend, Ali added, “I have been a diehard fan of Ghulam Ali sahab since childhood. I got a chance to meet him in Delhi with my father who was a well known Qawalli singer. I used to listen to Ghulam Ali sahab on the radio very intently. One day, my father took me to one of his concerts and I got a chance to meet him in person after his performance.”

While the show has been garnering a good response from the audience, Javed Ali too is receiving a good response for his stint as an anchor for the show. But the singer claims that he will not take up any other shows as he wants to focus on his passion, singing. “I am really enjoying hosting such a big show and I feel the audience also likes my stint and simplicity. But I will not take up any other show as I do not have any time. I have a number of

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