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News |  05 Jan 2009 17:40 |  By AnitaIyer

Fever alters Delhi content after listeners' survey

MUMBAI: Fever's Delhi station has commenced altering its programming content and music to suit the preferences of its listeners, in accordance with the results of a just concluded listenership survey.

Apart from music tastes, the survey also illustrated the need for more humour capsules and information bytes, say Fever officials.

Fever had announced a Radio Survey in mid November 2008, calling upon radio listeners in Delhi and seeking their opinions, preferences and views pertaining to music and programming content on radio.

Says Fever's national marketing and promotions head Gawri Kapre, We have been in the market for about four years now and we felt the need to go back to our listeners to ask their expectations and preferences of a radio station.... The survey was done via print, an IVRS hotline, a roadshow and online.

We received a list of music preferences by the listeners and would be further polishing and consolidating themá Apart from music, the survey also illustrated the need for more humour capsules and information bytes from listeners,... eludictes Kapre about the survey.

The station has already inculcated some suggestions from the survey and would be starting an 'all request day' on Saturday and party nights, during which the Fever RJs would take over as DJs and play club numbers. For increasing the humour content, Fever would be introducing some funny characters on air shortly.

According to the survey, Delhiites crave more local content on radio. Accordingly, the station will introduce a new character, ÔÇ?Lucky'. Lucky would a common man on the street who would speak about the daily happenings in the city. We will be adding small snippets revolving around entertainment, business, sports, lifestyle etc.... Also, a new feature called ÔÇ?Campus Jasoos' talking about scoops in the college campus.

Knowing that the listeners are more inclined towards Bollywood, Fever will also be introducing interviews, gossip segments, Bollywood based contests, music and give out movie tickets as goodies.

It was at the beginning of 2008 that Fever 104 FM launched the ÔÇ?No bullshit, just music' campaign across all its stations in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. Currently, the music to talk ratio on the station in these metros is 40 minutes of non-interrupted music and 20 minutes of advertising and RJ talk. Although we would be adding more innovative content to our programming, we would not be compromising on the music bit as listeners tune into radio for music. We would be tightening the preferences and tailoring it to suit our listeners and still occupy the same time,... opines Kapre.

Fever's Delhi station has already changed the overall sound and packaging of the station, where it sounds like an international station and yet is an Indian station, she says.