Chandni Mathur    03 Jul 12 19:15 IST

MUMBAI: Although the Indian Music Industry(IMI) is striving hard to curb piracy from its roots, the market for online piracy seems to be at a constant rise with the ever growing population of the country.

Several initiatives undertaken by the IMI and the Global IPR Foundation in the past have helped combat online piracy to a large extent but with most of the portals based out of India, a serious global crackdown on the issue seems a dream. Speaking on the issue with, Global IPR Foundation founder & chairman MM Satish says, “In the past few years there were a number of solutions provided by various people but nothing has been positively effective to provide a 100 per cent solution. Most of the portals that people are downloading from are based out of the country. I cannot impose our laws in those countries or bust up the piracy racket there.”

With newer advancements in the digital space, the modulators of piracy are receiving huge returns from the business unlike the physical piracy which was nipped in the bud before it could extend to the next level. “The people who are involved in piracy are very advanced and are ready to invest any amount of money into this business. According to the statistics, the pirate market is 60 per cent and 40 per cent is what the legitimate industry is paying. Furthermore they believe that in India none of the music companies are united. These are the loopholes and grey areas that the pirates are making the most of,” he reveals.

The youth have found free downloads as an easier way to get content even if it is illegal. But most of the people are of the opinion that advanced technology can be used in the right direction by creating anti-piracy professionals and appropriate research centre where these experts can track pirates in the country. Hiring professionals and disseminating them accordingly to work on the issue can help in finding a one-way out solution from the menace. Satish comments, “Our Indian Music Industry should have a proper research centre. And being in the industry from 14 years, I can easily say that the pirates are ahead of us by 1000 times. They are very advanced. They pay 10 times more money to youngsters and hackers to find out ways to increase piracy. That should be

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