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News |  30 Aug 2008 13:00 |  By chiragsutar

Black wins, to play for the finals

MUMBAI: Mumbai based Black was declared the winner amongst the eight bands who competed over a period of two days for the ongoing I Rock fest 

On Saturday evening, Black will compete with AVR from Delhi, Silver from Pune, Orange Bridge from Bangalore and The Scavenger Project from Kolkata.

Over these two days, bands that really stood out from the Mumbai zone were
Amidst the chaos, Rosemerry and The Works. "Black was not what I had voted for, I voted for Rosemerry and Amidst the Chaos, but I got outnumbered by others on the panel. But, Black did play with a lot of soul, that's why they stood out from the rest," said Rohit 'P-Man' Pareira, bassist of PDV, who was one of the judges.

MySpace India's Tarun Trpiathi, who was also judging the competition said, "I had heard a lot about Rosemerry and other bands but our decision was based on how a band performed at this particular gig, and considering that Black played a very tight set".

Pro bands like Zero and Demonic resurrection would also be playing today. It is heard that this is Mumbai's favorite band Zero's final gig, after this they would be disbanding.

The I Rock finals unfold in Mumbai at the Chitrakoot grounds this weekend. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates.

Pics by Mitesh Bhuvad

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