Anita Iyer    29 Nov 08 17:56 IST

MUMBAI: All India Radio's Guwahati station has planned a one of a kind premiere of a book, 24 Frames, penned by an AIR official, Utpal Datta. The book will be premiered on 30 November 2008 at 8 am in the course of a specially designed programme.

If a book is being premiered through radio, it demands some more attention from the listeners and from the programme innovators,... says National award winning film critic Datta, who is also AIR's programming executive for Halflong, Assam.

The radio station will discuss the book on radio and will run sound clippings by some celebrities about their views sourced from the National film awards function, when Datta received the award from president Pratibha Patil.

The book, 24 Frames, is written in Assam's regional Asomiya and was officially launched at the Jorhat Book fair. The book contains film reviews, critical talks with film directors and some award winning articles by the author. The show will be co-sponsored by the publisher of the book, �Students store'.

This innovative programme is produced by RAPA Award winning producer Prabal Sarma. The names associated with the programme are critic Rashmi Doraiswamy, Pabitra Kumar Deka, Voice Actor Mark Lean, Sadhana Srivastava, Abani Bora, Rituparna Das, Actress Mridula Baruah, Prastuti Parasar, Zerifa Wahid, and singer Manajyotsna Mahanta.

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