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Press Release |  13 Jan 2009 18:14 |  By RnMTeam

The Radio Jockey Handbook by RJ Simran Kohli is ready for its Second Edition Release

MUMBAI: "A Radio Jockey is to the Radio Station what oxygen is to the Human Body"! quotes author of the book " The Radio Jockey Handbook" RJ Simran. The book was release with revised edition in 2006 and now is ready for the Second edition release.

Author RJ Simran is a very popular household name. she started her career with AIR and changed the sound on Radio with her popular program Street Talk 10 ( then of course she was known as Fiza Khan). Apart from being a Radio Jockey, during her tenure of 14 years she has held many positions: Radio Mirchi's Programming Head, Creative Director ÔÇô Red FM., had produced capsules for BBC ÔÇôRadio 4 and Dubai Radio Stations.

This book is not just a handbook but is the extract of 14 years of experience woven into words and bounded into a book.

This book goes beyond "how to speak like RJ", instead this is about knowing Radio better, loving Radio, understanding the beauty of Radio, being passionate about Radio. This book is the guiding lights for the Radio Students, Professionals and Practitioners. The book will help readers discover the skills that make a good Radio Jockey and Fundamentals of Radio Jockeying.

The booked is Published by FUSION BOOKS and a part of educational material at South Asia's first full time Broadcast school; Academy of Radio Management.