MUMBAI: Bards Paul Robeson and Bhupen Hazarika, led musical crusades against oppression towards the common man. While Robeson sang about the uncaring flow of Mississippi river to highlight the woes of the African American slaves, Hazarika reprimanded the restless Brahmaputra for the impoverished condition of Assam.

Ganga by Jim Ankan Deka and Ritwika Bhattacharya, merges the essence of Robeson's "Ol' Man River" and Hazarika's "Ganga Behti Ho Kyun". Ganga Behti Ho Kyun is an inspiring song by 'Padma Vibhushan' award winner Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. Kaviraj Pandit Narendra Sharma Ji wrote the lyrics of the song. The song was originally composed in Assamese by Hazarika.

Ganga by Jim and Ritwika was released on Mar 9, 2012. It was recorded in Bangalore based studio Eastern Fare Music Foundation. The song is available for streaming on Reverbnation, Youtube and iTunes.

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