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MUMBAI: �Manarangache Aabhal' is a concert of Marathi poems by stalwart poets such as Borkar, Kusumagraj, Shanta Shelke, Padgaonkar, Mahanor, etc. These poems are musically composed by young generation composer Chaitanya Kunte. These compositions will be rendered by famous singers Anuradha Kuber, Prajakta Ranade and Ajay Purkar.

Along with this, Medha Purkar will recite some poems. Sachin Ingle (Violin), Amruta Thakurdesai (Keyboard), Aditya Athalye (Tabla) and Aditya Apte (Side rhythm) will accompany the singers. This show is organized by Maharashtra Cultural Centre on Thursday, 26th Nov. 09 at 6.30pm at Sudarshan Rangamanch, Pune. Tickets will be available one hour prior to show.

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