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Press Release |  23 Aug 2010 12:42 |  By RnMTeam

Priyanka chooses a mooh–bola bhai this Raksha Bandhan on Fever!!!

MUMBAI: This Raksha Bandhan Priyanka Chopra's oldest wish of having a mooh – bola bhai is getting fulfilled. For the first time in the history of radio an actress makes an RJ her brother and all this happened only in the Fever 104 FM studios.

On 23rd August 2010, Priyanka Chopra was in the Fever 104 FM Studios for the promotion on her upcoming flick, Anjaana – Anjaani,... & while the interview was going on with PICTURE PANDEY – RJ Anuraag Pandey, one thing led to another and she described her oldest wish of having a mooh – bola bhai. She said, I always wanted to have a mooh – bola older brother who talks a lot and Pandeyji, you RJs are superb so will you recommend an RJ who can be my brother from Fever 104 FM?... RJ Anuraag Pandey immediately agreed to help her find �THE PERFECT BHAI'.

With all her demands of an ideal Bhai RJ Anuraag Pandey requested the listeners to give in their votes as to who could be Priyanka's PERFECT BHAI from RJ Harrsh, RJ Sidhu, RJ Rishi Kapoor, RJ Karan Singh or RJ Anuraag Pandey himself. On Tuesday – 24th August 2010, the winner was declared in front of Priyanka who tied Rakhi to none other than RJ - RJ Anuraag Pandey. Anuraag tried his best to convince Priyanka to tie the Rakhi to the other RJ's of Fever 104 FM, but unfortunately he was chosen as her FORTUNATE BHAI. RJ Anuraag Pandey said, I didn't want to become Priyanka's brother, I was just helping her find one but now that I have been declared the winner, I will take her responsibility & fulfill all my duties as her PERFECT BHAI!

The Raksha Bandhan ceremony took place in the Fever 104 FM studios replete with tradition, with all the essentials like the Aarti ki Thaali, Teeka, Rakhi & Mithai. This raksha bandhan has been one of the most memorable moments of Priyanka's life & Anuraag's life too.