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Press Release |  22 Sep 2009 15:38 |  By RnMTeam

Music Today launches 'I AGE'

MUMBAI: Music Today, the pioneer in World music, Hindustani Classical, Sufi, and Ghazal launches – I AGE - an album which will set a precedent in the music industry  I Age is the first album which is by the audience and for the audience. So what makes the album so unique?

The album is a compilation of the very best of World music that has been chosen by a world audience and are smash hits on i-tunes, the world's most popular online music store. These are the most downloaded chartbusters on i-tunes and have become an exclusive part of listeners' choice.

About the Album

The album features artistes such as Shiv Kumar Sharma, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Zakir Hussain, Taufiq Qureshi and Bickram Ghosh who have gained popularity worldwide by making contributions to Indian classical music combining it with contemporary sounds and giving it a modern appeal.

About Artistes

Shiv Kumar Sharma - The unparalleled master of the santoor, Shiv Kumar Sharma is not just a living legend but also a personification of Indian ethos and values. Rarely a musician becomes as synonymous with his instrument (and vice versa) as Shiv Kumar Sharma. Although the santoor has long been a part of the classical repertoire in Persia and Arabia, in India it used to be heard only in the hills and valleys of Kashmir. With his prodigious talent, Shiv Kumar Sharma took the santoor beyond the confines of Jammu & Kashmir and established its status as a full-fledged classical concert instrument on the global stage. He has also scored hit soundtracks of movies like Silsila, Chandni, Lamhe and Darr with flute maestro Hariprasad Chaurasia. Shiv Kumar Sharma is the recipient of many prestigious awards and honours such as Honorary Citizenship of the City of Baltimore, USA (1985), the Sangeet Natak Academy Award (1986) and the Padmashri (1991) among others. In this album we present World Music masterpieces created by the maestro.

Hariprasad Chaurasia - Hariprasad Chaurasia is a rare combination of innovator and traditionalist. He has significantly expanded the expressive possibilities of north Indian classical flute through his masterful blowing technique. He is known for his contributions to the popularisation of Indian classical music abroad and has brought new techniques to the flute, elevating it to a new level as a concert instrument and experimenting with fusion music. His music is described as haunting, melodic, playful, flirtatious, mesmerising, evocative and spiritual. He has established himself as a living master of the bansuri, with his name Hari – another name for Lord Krishna, meaning the Lord of the flute, befitting him. Here we present World Music masterpiece created by the maestro.

Zakir Hussain - This wizard of the Indian percussion instrument is more than just an epitome of brilliance. He is everything that signifies unparalleled genius, a culture icon and boundless creativity. He has crossed-over from the traditional to the modern form, and married the two to create what is quintessentially the �Zakir Hussain style'. He is the defining force behind the Tabla, which he uses masterfully to give expression to his music. He has collaborated with artistes of international repute such as John McLaughlin, George Harrison, Joe Henderson and others. A recipient of Grammy award with Mickey Hart for his World music album Planet Drum, Zakir Hussain is a formidable force to reckon with in the world of music.

Taufiq Qureshi - An ace percussionist of India, Taufiq's performances showcase the intricacies of Indian rhythm, interwoven with his phenomenal command and sparkle of contemporary world percussions. Being the son and disciple of the legendary Ustad Allarakha Khan and brother of the tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, Taufiq's style incorporates body and vocal percussions to create unique rhythmic motifs spanning across cultures. His sense of tone and his command over a wide variety of percussion instruments and styles is truly commendable.

Bickram Ghosh - Equally brilliant within traditional as well as experimental genres, Bickram has carved out a niche for himself in his diverse avataars as classical musician, new age artiste and composer. Today he is ranked among one of the most celebrated tabla players of our country. He performed for over a decade with the legendary Pandit Ravi Shankar who honed his skills in the art of accompaniment. He has performed in almost every top venue in the world, among which are The Royal Albert Hall, London; The Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C; The Palais De Beaux Arts, Brussels; Carnegie Hall, New York and many others.

Track Listings

1 - Stillness of the Lake – Shiv Kumar Sharma – 07:15

2 - Blissful Dawn – Hariprased Chaurasia - 18:44

3 - Shwas – Zakir Hussain – 09:54

4 - Underworld – Taufiq Qureshi – 07:18

5 - The Tribe of Zeba – Bickram Ghosh - 07:33

6 - Spirit of Kashmir – Shiv Kumar Sharma – 07:35

7 - The Great Indian Desert – Zakir Hussain - 11:58