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Press Release |  10 Dec 2012 11:56 |  By RnMTeam

Guitarmonk brings 'jobs in music' for career seekers

MUMBAI: Guitarmonk brings a unique platform and path for sincere music seekers to establish their music career.

Guitarmonk, one of India’s leading chains of Guitar Schools with 7000+ Global Students, both as offline & online, in 7+ countries, is establishing its specialty guitar school chains across various territories of India. Winner of state award and 11+ other awards in Corporate Music Excellence, it establishes the historic job oriented music teacher training platform for music career seekers.

Our correspondent has an exclusive talk with Founder of Guitarmonk - Kapil Srivastava on ‘Music Teacher Training Program’

What this program is all about?

Guitarmonk’s Music Teacher Training Program (MTT) aims at developing music teaching professionals by equipping them with a vast content, music repertoire, practical competence, modern and scientific tools and techniques thus preparing them to “Teach for Growth”.

The objective of this program is to help teachers effectively implement instructional strategies, being taught to them in this program, to wider segment of music lovers, learners and seekers, learn better music through guitarmonk.

MTT conducts series of interactive & detailed workshops for teachers on topics such as Music Scales, Music Rhythms, Music Techniques, Music Repertoire, Music Theory Concepts, Notations, Counselling, and Performance etc.

It will cover various aspects of today’s modern music versatility requirements i.e. both in generic knowledge as well as commercial earning i.e. being a teacher cum performer, diversified music knowledge in both Western & Indian music genres, Guitar and Keyboard instruments (with specialty in 2nd year on one instrument). It further includes study of subjects as music marketing, music management, counselling, International Language of Music etc... Participant will get opportunity to get groomed and learn from diversified & multiple music professionals, teachers and established music managers in the same program.

How you felt the need of such program in the current music scenario?

Infact we were researching to launch this program for last 3 years but it came at the right time at 2013 considering our immediate centres launch at Dehradun, Ludhiana, and Chandigarh this year.

We are facing a great scarcity of quality music teachers for last more than half decade. We started expansion of centres 5 years ago in 2007-2008 but couldn’t expand any more due to quality concern and absence/scarcity of professional, competent teachers. Every local territory and student deserves a quality treatment, which can only be possible via an organized teacher training system. We realized that it’s indispensable to appoint teachers for our students when they have gone through the stringent training and system of teaching of guitarmonk.

Many music education institutions keep no policy for their teachers and this is very dangerous for musical success, musical experience and growth of student.

What else you want to highlight about this program?

We are enjoying another benchmark and pioneer attempt of guitarmonk in specialty guitar education. This is for the 1st time in the history of India that a job oriented music program of such level and competence has launched. This program can be seen on the same lines of PGT and TGT teachers as in other academic subjects. This program will bring two musical success of life time -

1. Guitarmonk will bring affiliation and accreditations for enrolled members, help them achieve stability in the music sector.

2. Guitarmonk will also bring a predominant change in the social thinking, perception of masses, Indians towards music as a stable and career-oriented subject.

What are the areas/industry of work and how you are connecting them?

At present the session are organized to meet the requirement at Guitarmonk owned centres and upcoming centres in various other territories/cities.

Besides that Guitarmonk music engagement is already associated with majority of corporate, schools and individuals across globe in music education, entertainment and various other cultural domains. And these numbers are growing every year.

The objective of this training is feeding rising demand of quality musicians and professional in music domain.

• Bridge/raise/outsource constructive music employment at diversified platforms balancing the demand and supply.  To be able to take quality music education locally.

• Upgrading, qualifying and bringing up musicians/music scenario to fulfill corporate demands.

• Bring in quality music education system for school, institutions and our young children, kids.

• Deployment of teachers in diversified income areas, music domains and platforms ranging from schools, corporate, performances and other creative industries.

We further invite artist to empanel themselves with guitarmonk If they are interested to have music projects, music jobs in varied industries at guitarmonk