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Press Release |  22 Jan 2013 17:45 |  By RnMTeam

Crescendo Music and Siddharth Kasyap come together for 'ROCK ON HINDUSTAN'

MUMBAI: Crescendo Music, the pioneer in promoting Indian Pop and Rock music and providing the perfect platform for artistes to showcase their talent, has launched an unique album titled, “ROCK ON HINDUSTAN”.

Conceived, composed and produced by the young and talented Siddharth Kasyap, ROCK ON HINDUSTAN comprises six brilliant patriotic tracks featuring the voices of Roopkumar Rathod and Madhushree with lyrics by Azhar Hashim and Shakeel Azmi.

Though the songs are patriotic in nature, the album does not fall in the typical category of conventional patriotic songs released over the years.

Asked what was so special about ROCK ON HINDUSTAN, Siddharth explains that he would not like to use the word “special” as it may imply that songs written and composed by other writers and composers were not special. Every creative work is special to its creator be he a writer, composer or singer. Siddharth preferred to use “different” as a more appropriate word to describe his songs and music.

The lyrics depict the need of the hour bearing in mind the current situation and phase the country is passing through even after sixty five years of independence.  He felt that today we were not faced with challenges from external forces. Our challenges lay within and these disruptive internal forces were capable of causing irreparable damage to the secular fabric of our country. ROCK ON HINDUSTAN addresses these internal fears through the medium of music.  Since time immemorial, music has played a crucial role in spreading awareness of social discord and bringing people together for change. A change for the better.

International songs such as “We Are The World”, Lennon’s “Imagine” and Bob Dylan’s “Blowing In The Wind” are a few examples that called for change.

Referring to his compositions, arrangements and instrumentation, Siddharth believes this, in a sense, could be termed “special” as the entire album has been given a very contemporary sound which would appeal not only to the youth of India, but even to the older, more conservative listeners.

Some of the finest musicians, engineers and technicians have contributed to its production giving it a truly international outlook in sound and quality.  Siddharth has brilliantly woven western and Indian instruments to produce this unique album. Special mention must be made about the use of three Indian instruments: the Sitar – a plucking instrument, the Shenai – a wind instrument and the Rawanhatta - a bowing instrument. Siddharth sums it up all with the phrase, “You got to hear it to believe it”.

With the release of ROCK ON HINDUSTAN by Crescendo Music, Siddharth’s long standing association with the company and friendship with its Managing Director Suresh Thomas has been revived. The two have plans to record and release several more such ‘rich in concept’ albums in the near future.

On its part Crescendo has planned the launch of the album at a special release function where noted film producer and director Madhur Bhandarkar will preside as guest of honor. Other select invitees include members from the music and entertainment industry.

With new technologies in music distribution and marketing, Crescendo and more so its visionary Managing Director Suresh Thomas, is leaving no stone unturned in promoting ROCK ON HINDUSTAN. The company has executed six promotional videos one for each of the songs. The videos have been shot by Keylite Media and directed by Manish Jain. These will be screened at the launch function with further plans to have them telecast across TV channels and over the internet.

With a view on long term goals and a totally new, modern approach in music promotion, Crescendo Music has entered into strategic alliances with Universal Music India, a part of the world’s leading music company, Artist Aloud, Digizen and Techzone. Each of these companies along with Crescendo will take music marketing and distribution to an altogether new level. This is the proactive strategy that Suresh Thomas plans to adopt.