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Press Release |  16 Aug 2013 13:06 |  By RnMTeam

Centre for Arts and Technology launches new electronic music artist programme

MUMBAI: Arun Zuber, also known as Chaosphere, graduated from the Kelowna Centre for Arts and Technology’s audio engineering programme in August 2009. Having always been a huge fan of metal music and dubstep, it only seemed natural for Arun to merge the two genres together to create a sound all of his own.

Thus, ‘Chaosphere’ was born – a robotic, industrial dubstep sound that Arun was proud to call his own. Arun has since taken his unique sound around the word and has an impressive resume which includes his work as a stage manager and production lead for Datsik.

Arun advises electronic music artist students to work very hard as you get what you put into the program and that success doesn’t come easy. Maintaining a healthy balance between making the kind of music you’re passionate about while utilizing the business side of the industry is also crucial to be successful in the industry.

As an instructor for the electronic music artist programme, Arun can ensure that he utilizes his strengths as a DJ in order to benefit his students and assist them in successfully following their passion in the music industry.

The electronic music artist programme equips students with the necessary tools they need to build a career in digital audio composition and as a performing artist. Students of the electronic music artist programme are also given the tools they need in order to enter the workforce efficiently with the best possible education and training backing them.

Along with an industry leading education, Centre for Arts and Technology also offers their professional development programme to students to prepare them for the business world. Through the professional development programme students are educated on how to build a resume, network effectively and market themselves efficiently.

The electronic music artist programme is offered at both our Halifax and Kelowna campuses.