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MUMBAI: India’s first variety entertainment channel for the core Hindi heartland from the Reliance Broadcast Network stable, featuring locally relevant entertainment around Humor, Movies, Reality, Talent Hunts and Action Sports, which has already created some extremely successful local and highly engaging properties like BIG Memsaab and Bal Kalakaar is now launching another reality show titled Mele Ka BIG Star across the markets of UP, MP and Bihar. Mele Ke BIG Star presents a very unique opportunity for the local regional talent in these states to beyond the local mela and showcase their skills to the entire country. The performances encompass acts like singing, dancing, stunts, mimicry, acrobatics or any such skills which have the right to entertainment quotient for people. The show launches on the Channel from  3rd week of May and will air every week

This offering comes at the back of extensive research and understanding of how melas work and the audiences they garner, especially in the semi urban and rural masses, offering marketers an excellent platform to ride on to ensure reach for their brands. Prior to launching this, a pilot test was conducted at Magh Mela in Allahabad where over 100 performances were hosted over a two day period enjoying a live viewership of more than 1, 00,000.

Mela is a prominent source of recreation in rural India and holds a significant position among the masses. It is an imperative form of fun and entertainment in villages and small towns where myriad forms of talent converge on one platform to entertain one and all. This talent often goes unnoticed in the frenzy of the melas and remains restricted to the local populace even though they may have the potential of attaining national recognition. BIG MAGIC comes forth to extend a platform to such hitherto unknown talent and take it to the next level.

The show is designed for any and everyone to come forth and showcase their talent. 40 contestants from across various fairs will participate in the show where-in 10 will be shortlisted for the grand finale to happen at one of the largest and most popular fairs in the region. The show will cut across all sections of society and age groups to attract and enthrall maximum audiences.

Mele Ke BIG Star is one of its kind opportunity which will not only help to build a long term bond with the

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