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Singer Kalpana

MUMBAI: Sensitive and sweet singer Kalpana, has become the favourite singer of music lovers with her tuneful song like �Ek Ooncha Lamba Kad' (film Welcome), �Billu Bhayankar'(film Billu) and �Hotty Naughty' (film De Dana Dan). After gaining prestigious position as the versatile singer of Bhojpuri films, singer Kalpana has given a serious knock at the golden gate of Bollywood and got the red carpet welcome.

During the 10th International Film Festival 2009, she was showered with applauds for her Kajree song for film â€?Antardwand'.The song was the soul of the film. Antardwand got the distinction of bagging the Award for Best Social Issues in the 55th National Filmfare Awards. She was so happy for the moments and was proud for such recognition. When her other  film â€?Saanncha' was selected for The Cannes Film Festival, it added one more feather to her cap and proved a sort of milestone in her artistic career.

This film Saanncha with Anupam Kher and Raghuvir Yadav in its cast has only two songs. One is sung by Kailash Kher and the other has been sung by Kalpana which leaves a great impact on the film.In one of her recent interviews Kalpana has confessed herself in these words, "In the beginning of my career as a playback singer, I had been lending my voice to all type of songs for films and albums, but I had an appetite for art films. With time, my maturity also went on increasing, along with my ambition for singing for movies which has a message of social cause.Says Kalpana, these films has  burning social problems of the society. In yet to be released, Kumar Sanu Communication's art film â€?YEH SUNDAY KYON AATA HAI...singer Kalpana's voice touches the hearts and her another art film â€?AAJ BHI' & PAROKSH is bound to enhance her gifted flair to the peak of popularity.

After her successful World Tour for the release of her International Music Album Massical with Trilok Gurtu in Germany,singer  Kalpana is ready to feature in the new version of the song on national integration- MILE SUR MERA TUMHARA. Amitabh Bachan will be the only artist from the earlier music video to sing  a part and feature in the new version. Interestingly, Kalpana is the only singer chosen to sing in JAZZ style of the freshly conceived, designed and executed version of the music video MILE

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