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Press Release |  27 Aug 2013 11:49 |  By RnMTeam

BEAT100 introduces vocalist, Georgina Revell as an ultimate musician

MUMBAI: Recently achieving ‘Ultimate Musician’ status on BEAT100, the rarest and most prestigious award given to musicians on the music video social network, vocalist and pianist, Georgina Revell, impresses BEAT100 fans with her powerful and soulful voice. Presenting a variety of covers to fans on YouTube and BEAT100 in past months, including a recording of recently released Daft Punk hit ‘Get Lucky’ and the timeless classical ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast, Georgina adds her own sound and impressive vocals to these popular tunes. Currently in the BEAT100 World Music Charts with her rendition of ‘B, Don’t Kill my Vibe’ by Kendrick Lamar, BEAT100 fans can vote for Georgina’s R&B rendition of the track, released originally as a rap song. With beautiful cinematography to accompany, this is certainly a video for BEAT100 members to view and vote.

At just 19 years old, listeners would easily be convinced that Georgina has been singing and performing for decades, and with much schooling, study, and instruction. However, this Brighton, UK, based vocalist is without traditional training and primarily self-taught, performing on stage at musicals at a young age, while emulating the style of her favorite vocalists growing up. After a fellow classmate and guitar player heard Georgina sing, he quickly encouraged her to begin recording and filming music videos. “He decided to set up my YouTube, lend me a mic and film the first video,” says Georgina, “from then on I haven’t stopped!” As her YouTube subscribers and fan base increase, Georgina continues to record covers from a variety of artists. “When I hear a song, there has to be something I like about it or I can see a story with,” she says, “I’ll decide if it needs to be changed entirely because I don’t think its style suits or I want to cover it and do it to suit my voice.”

Though her immediate goal isn’t to pursue a full-time career in music, Georgina is currently working on a number of exciting projects, including a release of new originals and collaborations, while continuing to record a variety of covers. “I had been writing for other people’s tracks, for example a few drum and bass [songs], dubstep, and hooks for rappers” she says “…recently my guitarist and I wrote one or two songs and we’re in the process of recording now!” In addition, she often busks throughout Brighton while also taking any gigs that come her way, from pub performances, parties, and more.

As she succeeds as a vocalist, Georgina also devotes her time and talent to television. Following a period working at an up-and-coming TV company in London, Georgina is continuing her studies as a TV And Film student while freelancing her skills as a cinematographer. Working with her friends, she films and edits her own music videos, resulting in her quality YouTube and BEAT100 uploads. “It’s definitely nice combining two things I love: TV and music,” says Georgina. As she pursues both of her passions, Georgina provides some advice to the BEAT100 community: “My advice for anyone doing music is to not revolve your life around a career in music, because your experiences and skills you learn from other things will give you something a lot of other’s don’t have,” she says, “I have also seen lots of people drive themselves mad with trying to become famous and it’s not worth it… it’s about [doing] something you love!”

BEAT100 members can sign up to view and vote for Georgina’s current upload on the BEAT100 World Music Chart, ‘B, Don’t Kill my Vibe’, listen to her other cover songs, and follow/subscribe to her on BEAT100 and YouTube to stay up-to-date on her upcoming original releases. Musicians can join BEAT100 for free today in order to upload their original or cover songs to the BEAT100 music chart for a chance at joining the ranks of Georgina as a BEAT100 Ultimate Musician. “BEAT100 has introduced me to tons of artists and has definitely shown me the amount of talent all over,” says Georgina, “It has introduced new fans to my YouTube and given me lots of inspiration!”