'The task at hand when doing a reality show is how to get a tortoise in a little aquarium and sell it' - Radio One RJ Rakesh Kumar

Agent Rakesh as he's popularly known, is Radio One Bangalore's James Bond. Producer and radio Jockey Rakesh Kumar continues to woo his fans with his quick wit and satire. Director for major campaigns on Radio One like Gellrappo Gelli, Lakshadipathy, Summer Dhamaka, World Cup Cricket, College Champions, Bollywood Baadshah and many more, this young man's motto in life is "Every phase of life should be eventful and enterprising.

Namita Gupta caught up with Kumar for a tete a tete. -


You're in a very different role at FM 94.3. What is your role at the station all about?

I'm an Outdoor Broadcast Radio Jockey. I'm like a reporter on the radio who keeps you abreast of all the current happenings in the city. I don't sit in the studios or at my desk. I'm always on the move. Wherever, whenever there's something exciting happening you'll find me connecting to the listeners. I'm a roaming reporter who puts people from all walks of life, live on air and keeps the city plugged in what's happening around them.

Like - we got people to talk their views on air when the cricket matches were happening. And I would give expert cricket analysis from the actual spot. When we lost the match because of Steve Buckoner, we got together and wrote a letter to him. We are actually doing things which are common to us, but with a different take to it, with a completely different stance.

But it's not always that something of importance is on. And you are on air every day. What happens when some days are a little dull and nothing exciting is happening around town?

There are never any dull days with us. When there's nothing big happening in the city, we create our own stuff. We've done our own World days - like the men's day, the World Lungi Day, World Washbasin Day, World Nail Day and the likes. We bring out the humour element to an object, which is of great importance in our day-to-day lives, yet it's so surprising how we never realise its significance.

How do you come up with such crazy and fun ideas? And how do you bring a fun element to your programmes?

Who would imagine a piece of cloth like a lungi becoming so popular. Where did this lungi, which has no end, originate from? Have you ever

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