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Interviews |  06 Oct 2007 14:12 |  By Aaishwari

Radio Mirchi RJ Sana - "I never call myself khubsoorat on my show!"

She's a typical 22 year old Mumbaikar who loves hanging out at Carter Road or Fame Adlabs, loves experimental cooking, and also loves to talk!

Khoobsurat Sana, who can be heard daily on Radio Mirchi, unplugged in an exclusive interview with's Aaishwari Chouhan.


How did jocking happen to you?

When I was in my first year at college, I would listen to a lot of FM and at that time, the announcers were beginning to fade away and a new wave of proper proper radio jockeys hit the FM sector. I would listen to them and would always tell myself 'I can speak better than them'.

Once I heard a jockey talking about auditions on Radio Mirchi and I went for the auditions. After back to back auditions, I finally was the only person to be selected from Mumbai. Initially, I assisted a lot of jocks on air and finally, hit the station for the 2 am night slot as my test slot. And now I am here, hosting Khoobsurat Sana from 11 am to 2 pm on Radio Mirchi.

Who among the radio jocks do you admire the most?

I always looked up to Jeetu Raj and Rahat Jafri. In fact, today when I sit with Jeetu Raj it feels like a dream come true.

Strengths and weaknesses of RJ Sana when on air…

My strengths are of course my chirpiness and spontaneity and my weakness is the fact that I blabber just a little too much.

Why 'khoobsurat' Sana?

This is what people call me. If you notice, never in my show will I call myself khoobsurat! And I don't understand this trend of jocks nicknaming themselves! I am very happy with my name as it is...

After you have matured as an RJ, what does one graduate to?

It depends. They can stay as a jock all their life or evolve into producers or programming/station heads. Basically, they can do anything which deals with creativity. They can't go ahead and be the marketing or sales people though!

How do you keep abreast of what's happening in the world in order to talk about it on radio?

There are so many newspapers available! I read a lot and often spontaneously just pick up some picture I saw in one of the newspapers and talk about it.

Does a particular time slots matter to you?

Time bands aren't important to me. In fact, I would say my slot of 11 am to 2 pm is a prime slot. In the morning and evening slots, there is a variety in the listeners. With a slot like mine, I aim at a selective group of people.

How does khoobsurat Sana fit into the Hot Radio Mirchi image?

Well, I would say that RJs need not look beautiful, but today there is a need for the RJs to look beautiful and appealing, although it's not mandatory. And I happen to be the only female voice all through the day on Mirchi, followed only by a female voice at 9 pm. Also, I have a take on everything on my show. I am edgy yet Mirchi in my comments on celebs and lay people, and hence, khoobsurat Sana completely fits into the Radio Mirchi image.

How do you connect to your listeners offline?

Well, I always have my listeners dropping down at office to meet me after two. Also, a lot of people always want me to come down to their house and meet them. So, I often do this as well. Other than this, talking to them when they call in or while outdoor broadcasting I often happen to come across my listeners and keep connected with them.

What about the online networking portals?

I am available on Facebook and Orkut but not for my listeners. On these networking portals, I am just another girl to connect with my long lost friends but I often come across people who say scrap me saying 'Finally I found you'!. But I make sure I reply to every scrap I get.

How self regulated should RJs be on air?

I think RJs should be in control when on air. They cannot get political or religious with their comments or hurt the sentiments of the listeners in any way, because ultimately in the time the RJ is on air, he or she represents the brand and speaks on behalf of it.

How important is it for the jocks to know the other aspects of the radio industry?

Well, its extremely important. Like in my case, I edit my own interviews. Plus, I don't have a proper script. Hence, I better know the technicalities if I don't want to mess up my show.