Pyare Bhai with Dinesh

Musician Dinesh Ghate is on a mission to honour the unsung instrumentalists' contribution to the golden era of Bollywood music. Profiling them and felicitating them, his periodical, Swar Aalap is a platform for these forgotten musicians to unveil their talent. In a conversation with's Anita Iyer, Ghate reveals his journey of discovering the musicians and feature editor Kushal Gopalka compares the current music to that of the days gone by.

· What prompted you to come up with the idea of felicitating these unknown faces?

D: I am a musician playing Octapad and conduct shows regularly. In one of these shows some years ago, the audience enthusiastically applauded the orchestra. The anchor then named the singers and the organisers of the event was congratulated, but we were given no credits. It struck me at that moment that we musicians were neither introduced nor acknowledged, and the idea was born.

· How do you discover these artistes?

D: I am a musician so I know people in the industry who pass on the names of the forgotten musicians. After six months, I got in touch with some senior musicians as it was difficult to trace them; many had left Mumbai and some had expired. After meeting them, we used to play the tracks and ask them to recollect the musicians who were involved in the making. It was important to cross check the musicians' names as we could not rely on their memory. After discovering a few names, we didn't know how to honour them and finally launched a magazine to profile them.

· When did you start Swaar Aalap?

D: It was in 2002 that I, along with my father S J Ghate started the 12 page newsletter. It was a black and white copy and was launched by singer Falguni Pathak. The annual subscription was Rs 300 and it used to cost me eight rupees per copy to dispatch them. All my savings were spent on the venture. Sometimes my friends used to contribute some ads for these copies. Then I enquired about registration and after some months launched �Swaar Aalap' officially and today we have subscribers within the industry as well as abroad.

· Swar Aalap enjoys the distinction of being the only magazine of its kind…

K: There are people researching Indian Bollywood music using Swar Aalap and we even dispatch copies to Voice of

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