Radio One Bangalore's RJ (or Music Jock or MJ as the station group calls its RJs') Anjaan is a seasoned hand at his job with almost 13 years of experience. Excerpts of an interaction with's Tarachand Wanvari.

How did you become a jock?

My parents say I started talking before other kids did. Apparently I even said hello to the nurses at the hospital. Perhaps let your imagination go a bit further and you can picture me with a tiny microphone pinned to my diapers with tiny headphones on my head!

On a serious note – in January 1998 the station manager and producer of a show I regularly called, answered my phone and asked me to drop by the studios. This was All India Radio-612Khz for a show called â€?Tuesday Tunes'. There's been no looking back since then! I was with MW for three years till commercial FM came into India.  I've been on FM since then - from 2001 – to 2006 with 101.3 and from 2006 onwards with 94.3 Radio One.

Apart from Radio One, what does Anjaan do?

I am currently the programming head of 94.3 Radio One in Bangalore. I head the production, music management, show producers, content writers, programming sales coordination and editorial departments.

Besides my role at Radio one I do as much as possible in life.

- I'm a freelance compere with around 1500 shows to my credit.

- I'm an occasional DJ and u can see me spinning at select weddings.

- I'm a social media junkie and help brands and companies understand the medium better.

- I'm tourism ambassador and help promote a few tourist destinations.

- I'm a freelance scribe and also have a weekly column on radio in the deccan chronicle.

- I'm involved in talent liaison and event consultancy and help event managers and organizers by connecting them to performing artistes and talent.

Tell us something more about your involvement with radio/music?

I've been involved with music all my life. I've played for my school choir, been part of the college band. I have worked for a music label and a music television channel. I've also managed a few bands and even today help promote good musical talent. It's no rocket science that my absolute love for music eventually led me to work for a music station.

You have travelled to different countries, especially in the Southern Hemisphere

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