Chirag Katti - "Considering the kind of remuneration we get, we cannot say we can be dependent on classical music entirely"

Son of sitar player and music therapy researcher Pt. Shashank Katti,25-year-old Chirag Katti can be easily counted as one of the best sitar players in India today. He is articlulate, melodic, and prefers to play within the rules while performing classical.

Starting with humble beginnings from All India Radio followed by performances on Doordarshan, Katti has toured abroad extensively performing numerous solo concerts. His urge to do something innovative made him invent the Sitraz - a fusion between the guitar and the sitar, and also experiment with new forms of music - his latest achievement being performing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra for an Opera.

Chirag Katti clearly belongs to the new breed of classical musicians who are adaptable and experimental - not confining to any one form or style. Be it starting his own fusion band, performing pure classical or recording for session work - Katti dabbles with all. Just back from a whirl wind US tour, Katti, in an exclusive interview with's Chirag Sutar, speaks about his journey so far.


Having a musician father is surely an advantage - do you and your father play together?

Not always... we used to when I was a kid. Though we don't play together that often now, whenever I am playing at home, he always has his ears tuned in to what I play - no matter what he does - it can be watching TV, working on a computer, or something else.... but his ears are always on what I play, and then he often comes and corrects me if he feels the need to do so.

You father is also you Guru (teacher). How is he as a teacher?

(Sighs) I often wonder how the person who is so nice to me, who gives me everything that I want suddenly becomes so strict and demanding when I am learning. I remember my father often used to say - "Pad milvayla, tap karayla lagto" (Nothing big can be achieved without performing a penance). Well, I consider myself very fortunate to have a teacher 24/7 around me because I always got corrected in time and did not waste too much time practicing in a wrong way.

As a child did you get to meet a lot of established musicians?

I used to attend a lot of concerts, but it's not that I got the opportunity to meet or

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