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Interviews |  20 May 2008 01:30 |  By RnMTeam

Big FM Bangalore RJ Rashmi - I am always ready to make impossible things possible

RJ Rashmi or Rapid Rashmi as she's popularly known in Bangalore, creates a storm on air between 2 and 5 pm Mondays to Fridays on RapidAdda.

Rapid Adda (Hangout), formerly known as Broadcast Bandi, is the only show on Big's Bangalore station that's stayed since inception, and that says it all. Rashmi is liked for her voice and also has a unique laugh, which people love to hear over and over.

Rapid Rashmi with her quick wit has created an adda, which is a radio adda that gives a forum for young unique talent to come and exhibit on her show.

She also maintains a forum on social networking sites where her listeners can interact with her. Catch Namita Gupta in an informal chat with the RJ herself


What's your show Rapidadda all about?

As the name indicates, the show is a replica of radio on wheels covering hangouts, colleges, happenings in Bangalore and making people play the 'Yes or No' game, across the city in the afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm.

What is the Yes or No Game?

The Yes or No game is a unique on air game where the listener will have to respond to the questions posted by me without using the word Yes or No throughout the whole conversation. Sounds quite simple, but it's pretty tricky. Like I would pose a question - if Lions could fly and you have to answer without a yes or no and then say something on it. The fun is in how the listeners respond spontaneously in their own funny and wicked ways.

What's the specialty of your show?

It's more of a youth show and we do a lot of interesting Bollywood gossip on air sometimes; like, is Shah Rukh Khan in love with Kajol? This game has been on for over a year, but is still one of the most popular games played on air.

We also have memory games and ulta palta (topsy turvey or upside down) game on the show. I have to constantly think of fabrics to make it exciting. It is an adda where you can get entertainment, enter contests and win prizes.

Then, we've had Kannada superstar interviews also. You know actors like Komal and more recently, Ganesh talking about his movie Aramane. Then the recent vibes of Sreesanth and Bhajji were aired with people's views on whether or not emotions being show publicly are good or is this all a hype?

How did you get into RJing?

I started my career as a consultant with Standard Chartered bank where I worked, even while I was compering shows on Udaya TV and E TV. I got an offer from Big FM and it's been fun since then. Radio has a bigger reach than television.

What are your other interests?

I'm a singer, professionally trained for 18 years and still learning Hindustani music from Parameshwar Hedge. Till date, I have given over 3000 stage shows as a singer and have also sung for couple of cassettes and serials, including a special show for musical legend O P Nayyar. I recently debuted as playback singer in the movie 'Nee Illade' and also featured in the upcoming movie as an RJ in 'Payana'.

Any plans to launch with your own album?

I have done devotional music for an audio company. I do have plans to come up with an album. But right now, radio is keeping me very busy.

What's the real Rashmi like?

I'm an Aquarian who is totally unpredictable, creative and loves to do whacky things. I'm always adventurous and tend to keep trying new things in life and lead life with no restrictions, but with a definite goal in mind.

I like challenges and am always ready to make impossible things possible. I had an aspiration to be a lawyer when I was young because I always had a smart word at the tip of my tongue.

I like to watch snakes, crocodiles and love pets. I have an aquarium and now desperately want to get a Labrador. Like I say, the story never ends. I also love watching movies and have tried my hand at basketball and swimming also.

What's next on the anvil?

It's just one and a half years doing this. I would like to continue RJing for at least three to four years more. I have also done a reality show on radio. It's in my system now. It's easy for me to grow as an RJ. I might also get into production in the same field as I've learnt a lot being in this industry.

How about getting back to television?

I would love to do television. But it has to be a nice concept. Maybe a nice theme based show. I would like to do a travel show on a regional TV channel sometime.

Is it fun or difficult being a woman RJ?

It's so much fun. I have a fan following of my own. People love my voice and have sometimes called and asked why I didn't say Good Afternoon the way I normally say it. There was in fact once a man who came to the studio to meet me. He was a stockbroker and knew everything about me and wanted to marry me!