Myopusradio founder Gina Braganza

India's first multiple channel internet radio station for international music, will complete a year this month. Launched with a single channel in October 2008, myopusradio expanded with eight more channels in February 2009 and is experiencing growth in listenership's Anita Iyer caught up with Myopusradio founder Gina Braganza in Pune at the National Radio Meet two weeks ago. In a freewheeling chat, Braganza spoke about exploring the potential of internet radio in India, revenue avenues and the steady growth in listenership for internet radio.

We bring you the excerpts -

Opusradio would be completing a year this October. Can you go back and tell us how you started?

Opusradio is essentially a brand extension for our independent music venue, Opus. Opus has always being a platform for independent new talent in Bangalore and it was a natural extension to explore this area. The idea was to give genre specific music to music lovers  

It was a challenge to start an internet radio as it was an untapped sector in India and the potential was unknown. We invested in developing the software, we wanted a software which could run a radio station, handle everything from database management, create and programme a channel, how to stream music on internet and log listenership 

We indigenously built the software and thought of various ways to push the channel by building Facebook applications and started doing on-ground events. We did our bit of marketing to create awareness about the concept of internet radio.

As you conceived the software, would you be allowing others to use the same?

As we own the software, we can permit people to use our infrastructure and royalty rights for a fee so they can set up their own internet radio stations. We are looking at building internet radio as a platform and  can assist others to run a programme an create a channel determined by them.

Starting with one channel last year, you introduced nine channels this year?

We started out with a single channel with an hour based format like FM radio for 24 hours. Later, we went on to launch nine channels, each dedicated to a different genre. Currently, we have stations for Jazz, club music, country music, rock and roll, blues, retro, easy listening etc. and the listenership has been growing.

Can you dwell on the

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06:17:26 PM 12 Oct 2009 Report Abuse
Takes a lotta character to be the one to step into untamed territory. Wish Gina and her team all the success. Gl Guys and go get em
Shyamwestwind 12:59:11 PM 06 Oct 2009 Report Abuse
Gina will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotten. A Warm, Loving, Caring Girl, who changed the face of entertainment in Bangalore and gave joy to so many. She truly choreographed the Music In All Our Hearts. I owe a Lot to her, her loving husband, Carlton and her associate Shonali and to the entire family at Opus for the affection and support I have got. Gina will always be in my heart and my prayers. We will miss you very much, Gina. I know Heaven wont be the same with you there !!!!!!!!
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