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Gadget |  15 Sep 2010 16:03 |  By RnMTeam

Inspan launches new range of portable Genius Speakers

MUMBAI: Inspan Infotech, an IT distribution company for motherboards and hardware components announced the launch of Genius Speakers SP-i150, SP-i160 and SP-i170 in partnership wit Genius, manufacturer of PC components and accessories.

Genius SP-i150 and SP-i170 speaker systems come with different designs which break the traditional monotony of speaker appearances. One can enjoy the music without the hassle of power adapter. A built-in battery provides up to eight hours. Easily charged by the USB of the comp with an LED indicator, speakers have a quick charge cable and a pouch that makes this speaker truly portable and hassle-free.

Genius SP-i150 is a flying saucer shaped design. SP-i150 is a sphere shaped speaker that emits the 360 degree sound. Genius SP-i170 which is without power chord ensures high quality sound. These speakers are suitable for indoor and outdoor listening.

They use a bass-enhanced 1.5" metal driver to make the sound deeper and broader. If you have a standard 3.5 mm audio input, then there is no need of adapter. It has a convenient volume knob.

These speakers come with rechargeable batteries and are available in 3 different colors, polished black, cute pink and trendy.

"Variety is the key in breaking monotony. These speakers are designed to set a trend both in terms of shape and color. When there is buoyancy in the market, these kind of products are expected to do better. Customers would benefit by the choice with value for money,... Inspan Infotech MD Sudhir S.

These speakers are priced at Rs 995 with a warranty of one year.